Positives from today

Well to start it off, I am so proud to be a Rams fan right now.

Feeley had a good game. He did what he had to do; manage the game. Even though he missed Lloyd on 2 huge 60 yard TD's, he had a solid game. He found open receivers, he stayed calm in the pocket, eyes down field, and got the job done. For those of you still wondering why we kept him and not Lewis, today was you're answer.

Steven had the game of his career. He had 159 yard rushing and 2 TD's. He averaged 6.4 YPC today. He caught his 341th pass in his career moving him to #7 in Rams history passing Jack Snow. Jackson has 28 career 100-yard games, passing Marshall Faulk for second in franchise history, ten behind ED. He passed Faulk for third in yards from scrimmage with 11,150 passing Marshall Faulk. He also passed ED for 4th in Rams history in TD's with 59. He is the emotional leader of this team, and he challenged them. He's the reason we won.

The offensive line did a solid job. They opened some nice big holes for SJAX. He is averaging 5.3 YPC, the highest in his career. The Saints got some hits on Feeley, but some plays were his fault too. He shouldn't have held the ball so long (Saints defensive TD). Saffold has got to stop committing penalties. Goldberg has done an excellent job these past 2 games, a much better job than Jason Smith.

The WR's and TE's did just enough. Lloyd dropped a key 3rd down pass, but came back the next drive with a spectacular catch in which he stayed in bounds. He was open for 2 huge TD's which Feeley underthrew and overthrew. Salas had himself a nice game too. He is quickly making us forget about Danny Amendola. Kendricks had some amazing blocks too. He is non-existent in the passing game, but had a key kick out block on a LB to free up Jackson for a 40 yard rush.

The defensive line was unstoppable to say the least. Chris Long was a man amongst boys with 3 sacks and several more pressures and batted down passes. He now has 6 sacks on the season, looks like this will be his first season with double digit sacks. Robert Quinn also had a few pressures of his own, also recording his 2nd sack on the year. I love when Spags realizes its a obvious passing situation, he immediately throws Quinn and Long at DE, and Hall and Ah You and DT.

The linebackers did good too. Darren Sproles was shut down all game. James Laurinaitis had an amazing game. 2 passes defended, and 10 tackles. He was flying all over the field having one of the best games of his career. Chamberlain and Kehl did good too. No big runs were aloud all game.

Last but not least, the secondary. They had an amazing day, part of which has to be credited to the defensive line. Josh Gordy and Darian Stewart both had INT's, Stewart returning his for a 20 yard TD. Gordy and Harris had great games. Josh Gordy is looking like a diamond in the rough and Al Harris is having a revival of his career. Marquis Johnson also did good coming off the PUP. 

Special teams wasn't very involved in this game. Josh Brown didn't have much work. Robert Quinn had a huge blocked punt, shifting momentum, and giving the offense the opportunity to score; which they did. 

All in all this was an excellent game all across the board. Next week it looks like Clayton, DX and Bradford will be back. I cannot wait to see what Bradford can do with Lloyd, and Clayton. Next week we have the Arizona Cardinals on the schedule. Kevin Kolb has turf toe, they have to check on how serious that is. If hes out, the Rams should have a field day. He was in a walking boot, which is great news for the Rams. Not that it matters, because if they can apply the pressure they did this week, he will be out before the half.

This is our time to rally boys. I still believe, and always have. We can turn it around here. 10-6 is our goal, and my goal. If we can play like this for the rest of the season, we will be looking at 10-6. GO RAMS!!

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