My Own Personal Gameplan vs. Saints Revisited

Well, the Rams did NOT lose by 30, but won by 10!!! Hooray!!! With that being said, let's revisit my earlier post before the game and how it affected todays win against the 'Aints!


1. Give Steven Jackson the Ball...       ALOT!!!!   (Complete!)

Steven Jackson showed his playmaking and leadership ability in the win. He had 190 all-purpose yards with 2 touchdowns and was the leader of the effort. SJ39 came up with a lot big plays including a 32 yard run on a 4th down. Clearly we won the game because of Jackson, so that is a check plus for the Rams. Also, SJ nice job being the leading fantasy player this week. ;) 


2. Give the Ball to Brandon Lloyd (Complete!)

Although he had a few drops (including possibly a TD), Lloyd had the most receptions on the team with 6 and had a key TD with 20 seconds left in the first half. he also had a tremendous catch on third down really late in the game, which was the best catch by a Ram since Brandon Gibson against the Cardinals in 2009.


3. Blitz Pickup For O-line/RBs/TEs (Complete!)

Yes, Feeley got sacked and lost a fumble on a blitz in the third and there was 3 other sacks and hits but for the most part the O-line and others did a solid winning job against the great Gregg Williams blitz. Check plus.


4. D-line needs to get some (if any) push   (1000% Complete)

Wow, a little push? How about 6 sacks!!! The pass-rush also forced many bad passes by Brees that forced incompletions. Chris Long decided to show up BIG TIME and had 3 sacks. Robert Quinn made a great run defense play from behind early and had a sack on a 3 man rush on 3rd down, and had 2 other QB hits. Fred Robbins and Justin Bannan played 100% this game and Fred was rewarded with a sack. Gary Gibson played well for the third week in a row. CJ Ah You was very quiet in the stat book but had a solid game too. Terrific job by this unit. Check!


5. Pray for the Man who has to cover Jimmy Graham (Complete!)

Graham was basically a non-factor for the entire game and only had 4 catches for 39 yards. ESPN had him rated as the top TE for fantasy this week but so far is tied for 14th!! HAHA. Nice job in game planning against him. Check!


6. TACKLE, TACKLE, TACKLE, TACKLE....  (Complete!)

Well, the tackling was a 1000% better than last week. This lead to no big plays and only 58 yards rushing against the Rams. Check!


7. Offensive & Defensive 3rd Downs (Complete!)

Rams were not great in third down conversions (5 for 16) but very effective and came up with very good plays when needed that helped the Rams continue to kill the clock. Meanwhile, the Saints were 8-17, and the only way to beat a team this great offensively is to get them off the field. The Rams did it enough to force the Saints really to only score 7 points. (A defensive TD and a last second TD). This looked more like last years team on third down. Check!


8. McDaniels tells Feeley don't snap the ball until 1 second on the playclock. (Complete!)

Well not literally, but figuratively AJ did. There was never any no-huddle by the Rams and on most plays the clock was under 7ish. This helped to kill the clock. Check!


9. Don't Allow the Huge Play (Complete!)

For the first time all year we didn't give up a big play on defense, (but we did, thanks Darian Stewart!), and they helped 100% Spags did an awesome job game planning with Josh Gordy and Al Harris starting and Marquis Johnson never playing and Rod Hood's "newness." Check!


10. Pray, pray, and pray some more. (Complete!)

Well Coach Spags prayed for some knowledge and he sure has hell got it. I know I prayed at church this morning and God (enter your own religion) answered with a great win to get us started. Check!!!!!!


Well Rams, Grade: 100!!!!!!!!!!   Guess someone was right in game planning huh??? Take that Coach Venturi! Hopefully we can see this same effort next week.


Leave any comments or concerns.

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