My Own Personal Gameplan vs. the Saints

Listen my fellow Rams fans, I just hope we don't get beat by 30, but I have devised my own little game plan that even the great Steve Spagnuolo will have to listen to!!!!


1. Give Steven Jackson the Ball...    ALOT!!!!

- SJ39 has had a lot of success in his career against the Saints, and hopefully with him healthy, he will be a big factor. If Jackson can just run the ball effectively, the rest of the offense will flow (hopefully). This will set up the rollouts for the TEs, the mid-range routes for the slot guys, and the deep ball for Brandon Llloyd. SJ39 should be getting a lot of carries and passes.


2. Give the Ball to Brandon Lloyd

- With Danario Alexander probably out, Lloyd needs to step up again. You are telling me Lloyd is lining up with only Gibson (who was benched last week), Salas & Pettis (rookies), and Dominique Curry (hasn't caught a ball since the Bush administration). Lloyd needs to be big or we won't get 50 yards of passing offense.


3. Blitz Pickup For O-line/RBs/TEs

- Saints are gonna come from all sorts of directions, so with Adam Goldberg being the starting RT this week, this group needs to be huge this week or Feeley may want to retire after the game.


4. D-line needs to get some (if any) push

- Fred Robbins has been bad, Chris Long has been avoided by offenses, James Hall's back hurts, Justin Bannan hasn't gelled yet. This group needs help. This group needs to pressure Brees on 4-man rushes, and needs to slow down the running backs. Congrats to Gary Gibson who is making himself like Jerome Brown on the field.


5. Pray for the Man who has to cover Jimmy Graham

- Whether that man is Chris Chamberlain, Quentin Mikell, or some else, Jimmy Graham will destroy us if he isn't covered well.



- Listen, you can't stop the Saints, the best you can do is tackle. Hold the explosive run by Darren Sproles, or the big run after the catch by Devery Henderson. Hold their yards down at all costs.


7. Offensive & Defensive 3rd Downs

- Basic point: Rams need to get first downs to stay on the field and waste more time on the clock, and the Saints have to be stopped so they don't score 99.


8. McDaniels tells Feeley don't snap the ball until 1 second on the playclock.

- Heh, may just work.


9. Don't Allow the huge play


10. Pray, pray, and pray some more.

- Coach Spags seems like a religious guy, so maybe pray the rosary before the game.


Follow these 10 steps and we might have a shot. ;)

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