Turf Show Radio (S3E4) recap - smile the pain away

  It had been more than two months since Van and I fired up the ol' talkbox for Turf Show Radio. Yes, it had been too long.

  Thanks to T.Ram, buckeyefan55 (we'll get the intro right next time), Douglas M and maybe the best caller ever who must remain anonymous for the legend to remain intact.

  Breaking down this wacky show after the jump.

0:21 - Is that my voice on the TalkShoe intro? We may never know...

2:02 - Turf Show Radio is the HBO of podcasts. Kinda.

3:15 - We get started in earnest with the Jabara Williams news.

6:00 - Van applies some sanity to the personnel moves. He is summarily executed.

11:04 - Van singled out Justin Bannan as an example of the up and down nature of Rams performances.

19:32 - The Rams are the suburban office complex of the NFL.

27:30 - Is it too late for the Rams to find an identity?

30:04 - The Returnof4eva himself, T.Ram hops on the show and fills us in on which tv shows he's been watching to avoid thinking about the Rams.

30:43 - Is this team worse than the 2009 Rams who went 1-15?

37:14 - As a Rams fan not in the St. Louis geographic area, how do you deflect the belittlement of other NFL fans?

40:30 - I hate talking about rappers with T. because it makes me feel old. I used to hit the clubs. Now, it's all Piano Man.

41:11 - Are the Rams the worst team in the NFL? Van's analogy is awesome. And it includes Sausalito tile patterns.

42:20 - Don't be the McClung!

44:20 - How hot is Spags' seat?

49:20 - T. goes on record saying we'll win 6 games. Would that be enough to keep Spags?

51:16 - buckeyefan55 ruins the soft intro, and I make it worse by reading when I should be listening. I take responsibility for muffing this one.

52:17 - If Spags gets fired, "gun to your head" (why are you so violent, buck?) - who do you want as your head coach? Mega Man or an old pair of shoes?

1:02:46 - 3-4 vs. 4-3? (Great question, buck)

1:07:35 - Between the Rams and Ohio St., poor buck has had a tough year as a football fan.

1:08:30 - Douglas M joins. Teach me how to Douglas!

1:08:50 - Josh McDaniels anyone?

1:11:55 - How much blame do the position coaches deserve? And what moves could/should be made on that front?

1:17:55 - Douglas drops the literary selections of the week for TSTers. And I drop Lord Jim, setting up the perfect analogy for Van...until we get sidetracked by Snickers and Pizza. Or is it Snickers Pizza?

1:19:14 - "Y'all can't do fat like we do fat."

1:20:15 - Proof that the show has gone too long: Douglas and I start dropping anecdotes that need not to be dropped - "Butt naked at a McDonalds."

1:22:33 - Thus begins maybe the best call in the history of Turf Show Radio.

1:24:02 - It was just barely too short. We almost made it to the pinnacle.

1:27:14 - Could next week's watchlist not include LSU-Bama? No, it could not not.

1:30:55 - Instead of just cutting me off, Van let's me talk about soccer. Horrible, horrible idea.

1:32:40 - I love you, Mario. Don't ever change.

Again, I cannot apologize profusely enough for going on this tangent, but Balotelli is a gift to all mankind. Enjoy it.

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