Witch’s week off

Warning: post may contain material which may be offensive to some people. If you are offended by material which may contain wicca/witchcraft themes, do not read or respond.


This is the face Sam Bradford needs to be showing on the sidelines right now.


Hey, I have a holiday coming up this weekend, in case ya’ll live on another planet or something. As much as I want to do what I can to help our hapless group of guys, sometimes it’s best not to overload the blender. Sometimes less is more. I know, ya’ll probably thought I’d come up with a "super whammy" given that Halloween is coming up this weekend. Sorry if I disappoint, but there is a method to the madness.


Without going into a lot of intricacies about the mechanics of craftwork, I think I’ve brought up before that a few things need to happen for it to work. Besides the ethereal work done, there also has to be effort made on the mundane or "material" plane.

In buckeyefan55’s post: "TST Mailbag: disappointment, coaching questions, and that stupid world series trip" Josh responded "I have no idea why this team is playing without any passion. It is the single most frustrating aspect of the season so far".    

It’s simply true, from the ballboy to the head coach. There’s just nothing there. You can see it in the body language everywhere. Just once this season I’d like to see some animation from these guys on the sideline. Sam on crutches getting in some faces on the sidelines at least TRYING to get some motivation going.

Yeah, like, I don’t know... maybe Spags standing up rather than crouching(is he hiding from the crowd so he doesn’t get hit with a lamb shank?) Wouldn’t he get a little respect from us if he got on some cases right about now in front of everyone? His "other" method sure as crap isn’t working.

So... this week I’ll let the previous spells continue to work. The effect is cumulative anyway through the lunar cycle. Hell, maybe these guys will actually make a team effort at some point. It could happen. If it doesn’t then any chance I have at helping will also go right in the toilet.

Happy Halloween!~

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