Reality Check

The last few days we have seen a huge push to get rid of Spags and Devaney, and I personally do not understand. 

So, I will give a few reasons as to why it would be a HUGE mistake.....after the break!

1. Did everyone forget that there was a lockout prior to the season?



Prior to the start of the season, almost every commentator and analyst had the Rams as a team to watch this year. That was because they were a young team that had some promising talent, with a group of veterans holding key positions (DE, CB, DT, C, RB). That was all dependent on the team being able to grow with an off season to learn a new offense and build upon the gains of last year. 

Now reality check: THERE WAS NO OFFSEASON! THEY COULD NOT LEARN A NEW OFFENSE! The bloody lockout over billions of dollars left teams unable to learn. So, a YOUNG team did not have an opportunity to develop after a long layoff and season that ended on a bad note. 

And, to argue against any ideas of........But Detroit is doing well this year.....have you looked at any Rams roster the last five years and seen a Megatron on the roster?



Didn't think so...

The Rams desperately needed an offseason, they did not get one. That was not Spags or Devaney's fault. Blame obnoxious million/billionaires for that one. 


2. How many injuries until we call in the MASH team to the Rams sideline?

Everyone here is aware of the Rams' injury problems this year. But unless you see Spags or Devaney running on the field during the game in hoods and crowbars and taking shots at Rams players you cannot blame this on them.  Hoodedattacker_medium


Now, although the goatee kinda looks Spags-like, he is not out there breaking legs, collarbones, skulls, ankles, and elbows. 

The Rams have gone through more sick injuries than I have seen any team from any sport have to deal with in a long time. Although you may want to drive the training staff with pitchforks and torches, that is not necessary Spags or Devaney's fault. It just sucks. Although I am wholeheartedly on board for pitchforks and torches for the training staff, because they are just FAILURES! 


Maybe she can lead us.....




3. Lastly, the evil sorcerer that makes the Rams' schedules!!!!

If you can explain to me how the Rams face the Ravens, Giants, Eagles, Cowboys, Saints, Packers, and Redskins (although they kind of kill my point) prior to facing any division team? But teams like the Packers get to face Carolina, Denver, Rams, and Minnesota in the same number of weeks. 

Rams Opponents  (28-16) 

Packers Opponents (18-29) 

Interesting....Now I'm not making any accusations of a conspiracy, but clearly the scheduling wizard is doing crazyness here! 



With all of this in mind there is NO WAY you can blame Spags and Devaney for everything this year. This team has been crippled. There is no argument about it. And if the Rams continue to perform like they did Sunday, at the end of the year they may need to re-evaluate coaching situations, but right now meh.  The in game adjustments need to improve, but considering half the players on the field we brought on to deal with injuries days before the games, we cannot be sure that there are not adjustments being made and the players are just too damn incompetent to follow through.  

So, for now he gets a pass from me. 

For now.... 

So, how many of you out there are willing to see how the rest of the season pans out before digging Spags' grave?


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