Sam Bradford vs Andrew Luck

This has been a very big question on here because many have been thinking that if we did get the 1st pick in the draft we should get Andrew Luck. Honestly I think Sam is better but some might think that this is just my homer-ism but I'd like to shed some light on why I think Sam was was a better prospect than Luck is this year. i will do this by pitting them against each other in Accuracy, Arm Strength, Decision Making, Mechanics, Pocket Awareness, and Size, more after the jump..

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Accuracy - Well I guess this is one of Sam's strong suits to say the least, one of Cleveland's former scouts (Jeremiah) even thought that he was one of if not the most accurate QB's he had ever rated ( ), now am I saying that Luck is bad when it comes to this subject, no, but clearly Sam has him beat IMO. Winner: Sam Bradford

Arm Strength - Neither of these draft picks have huge arms like Jamarcus Russell but not many draft picks do but they both should/have got it done in the NFL. Many thought that Sam's arm strength wouldn't be as good as it was before he got the surgery and as we know now that's not true but we didn't know that when he was coming out nor did we know how it would hold up in the NFL so pretty much Luck wins this, even though knowing what I know now, I would pick Sam's over Luck's. Winner: Andrew Luck

Decision Making - Both of these QB's have a knack for making the right decisions and both we're/are good at reading defenses and making good decisions now lets look at these two stats and  TD-INT spread.

Sam Bradford - 604 for 893 67.6% 88 TDs to 18 INTs

Andrew Luck - 507 for 862 66.1% 65 TDs to 15 INTs

So, so far Sam has more TDs, better completion percentage and a damn near 5 TDs to 1 INT spread compared to Andrew Luck almost having 4 TDs to 1 INT spread. I won't bring up the yards because we all know the Big 12 is more pass happy and those stats are way more lopsided, but looking at this alone Sam takes this one. Winner: Sam Bradford

Mechanics - Practically both of these of these QBs have a good technique but I'll explain it a little more.Like most highly-touted prospects, Luck and Bradford both have a very quick release.This allows them to make passes that quarterbacks withdrawn-out throwing motions would struggle with.For the most part, both quarterbacks come over the top with their release. But they've also had the tendency to drop their release point over the course of the game, negating the advantage that their height gives them.Dropping the arm to the three-quarters position has been the biggest lapse in technique for both Luck and Bradford in the past. But it's one thing that Luck seems to do a bit more frequently. Sam was known for his quick release but in the aspect Andrew Luck still has room to improve and I expect him to. Winner: Sam Bradford

Pocket Awareness - Well as a prospect this was one of the few questions about Sam and that was whether he could play under pressure in the NFL because in college him playing in the spread offense plus him being behind an elite offensive line ( one of them went 4th overall in the same draft) many wondered how he would do but this is not a question with Andrew Luck and by default Andrew Luck wins this one. Winner: Andrew Luck

Size - Sam must have been eating something because at his pro-day he weighed in at 218 when in his days as a Sooner he was a around 210-215. Andrew Luck on the other hand is somewhere around 235 while both being 6'4. Luck has the big build to absorb the impact that comes along with getting blasted by defensive linemen over the course of a 16-game season where as just coming off of a season where Bradford had a shoulder injury and then re-injured it coming back to soon it was a major question mark for him. Winner: Andrew Luck

Other things that could be brought up in this match that I probably said above but want to reiterate is Andrew Luck is coming from a Pro-Style offense. Now where some will automatically say Luck is over Bradford in the systems they came from I'd just like to point out two prospects who were also supposed to be good because of the system they came out of, Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen, who are both bench warmers to Spread Offense type QBs, Tim Jesus Tebow and Cam Newton ( who to say the least has shocked the hell out of everyone with his play). My point is just because a QB comes from a Pro-Style offense doesn't mean they're better than a Spread Offense type QB unless they also put in the time. There's also the "It" factor but I think we can all agree given these two the proper weapons they could both be up there in the upper echelon of QBs. 

Now for me to crown the winner (counts who won the most and holy shit) it's a tie. Sure you can come up with many other categories but as for these their a tie even though if someone asked me which one I would want RIGHT NOW it would be Sam because he has better Accuracy, Decision Making, and Mechanics then add in the fact the Bradford's Arm Strength is better now then it was before his surgery . Plus all of the concerns addressed above about Sam has been answered and stomped for the most part.

Winner: Bradford



UPDATE: Also in the poll it says who do you thinks better, it means prospect wise, not now..


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