'SUCKY BOWL' winless but no Luck



winless but no Luck

Three teams are winless in the NFL but only one can get lucky enough and draft Andrew Luck. It is possible to lose all your games and still be unlucky in the 'Sucky Bowl'! Not only do you have to lose your games. You have to hope that that your ineptitude rubs off on the teams that you play and they start sucking as well.

Strength of schedule is the tie breaker in the draft. If two or more teams have the same record. The team with lowest opponent winning percentage picks first. The last resort is a coin flip.

Before the season started. The Indianapolis Colts were considered to have the third hardest schedule in the NFL. The Miami Dolphins were 10th and the St. Louis Rams were 26th.

After seven weeks of football the contenders for this years 'Sucky Bowl' are the Colts, Dolphins and Rams. All with winless records. Indianapolis is leading the pack in the quest to 'suck 4 Luck' only because they haven't had a bye week yet. The Vikings and Cardinals are still in the hunt with one win each.


The St. Louis Rams won the 'Sucky Bowl' back in 2009 and got the privilege to draft Sam Bradford. This year he has a 53.1 completion percentage and a quarter back rating of 72.2. They still have to play the Cardinals twice so that may be what gets them into the win column.

The Miami Dolphins have the reigning MVP of the 'Sucky Bowl' from last year in Matt More. They looked like they were going to beat Tebow's Broncos until the luck factor kicked in. He has a completion percentage of 59.1 and a quarter back rating of 67.0.

Indianapolis have been in some close games, until getting stomped by the Saints by 55 points. Painter has a completion percentage of 54.6 and a quarter back rating of 85.2.

If you take the whole schedule and figure out the opponent winning percentage for the winless teams. The tie breaker goes to... Drum roll please... The COLTS!!!

Indianapolis right now have an opponent winning percentage of 0.54. St. Louis is in second with an owp of 0.57 and Miami is trailing with a 0.58 owp. The owp or luck factor will change every week so stay tuned.

This years 'Sucky Bowl' is going to be fought over with unprecedented ferocity. Every week will be filled with new ways to 'suck 4 luck'. The one who sucks most will suck least.

Who do you think will win the 'Sucky Bowl'? What head coach will lose his job first? Do you think there will be a tie for the wost record in the league? Do you think there will be one or more winless teams? Could playoff teams resting starters at the end of the season play a factor? Would you like to see the Andrew sweepstakes decided by a lucky coin flip?

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