BWL Draft: RG31

Well as many know there was a draft of women this past week and let me tell you it was very fun to be apart of, so I will show you my picks and if you think they're the best then Rec.

With my first pick I chose Meagan Fox ( Back when Transformers 1 first came out)



Back in 2008 she was voted sexiest women alive in the annul FHM poll which was a little bit after the first Transformers Movie came out so this was a no brainer for me, plus everytime I see this pick you probably know what I'm thinking about ( Quagmire's life).

With my second pick I chose Gisele Bundchen




I mean this chick is just sexy and has been one of the sexiest Super-Models for years. Even after she had her babies by Tom Brady ( The dude is now my hero haha) she still looks sexy and how she feel to the second round is beyond me.

With my 3rd round pick I chose Kelly Kelly who I traded to KSR for Kim Kardashian




Say whatever you want about Kim but she has body and some nice knockers. Too bad she's been ran through more than a freeway...

With my 4th round pick I chose Beyonce



One of the better looking black women on the planet right now and she can actually sing. Actually when I was making this pick I was going to choose someone else then I looked to the TV and there she was with some booty shorts on... Don't even remember what the song was...

With my 5th round pick I chose Kate Beckinsale



I mean holy shit how does she fall this far down in the draft, without a doubt the steal of the draft and arguably the sexiest chick in the draft... look at that ass...

With my 6th pick in the draft I chose Kelly Brook



I mean look at that body and them tits can knock me out any day and yet another steal..

With my 7th round pick I chose Alessandra Ambrosio



Call the police gentlemen because this is just highway robbery, yet another steal and a love a girl and her Christmas outfit on.

With my 8th round pick I chose Meagan Good



Sexy and got the Hooters tank top one ready to serve you some hot wings, what more can you ask for?

With my 9th round pick I chose Alison Preston



Another steal and got body out this word..

With my 10th round pick I chose Heather Locklier in her prime




In the last round of the draft I chose Emily Deschanel



If you've watched the hit TV shot Bones you know who she is and she has beautiful eyes..

And in a late trade from KSR I gave him Spears for Reachel Reynolds



Like I said, Highway robbery..

So those are my draft picks and it was fun doing this, Rec if you like mine and it was great doing this.

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