The BWL Draft: DouglasM




  The first ever "Beautiful Women League" Draft is in the books. Two posts, and just over 1550 comments later, the teams are picked. My choices were based as much on the past as the present. Because the criteria allowed the picking of women, from throughout history, at any stage of their lives or careers (over 18 yrs old mandatory), I pulled famously beautiful femmes from the past. How about Elle McPherson who ruled the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues.

  Salma Hayek made my list from her smokey hot days when she almost made the screen explode in Tarrentino's From Dusk Till Dawn. Then we have the beyond sexy Hallie Berry...

  I moved to women of the present, and used my first pick in the draft to pick one of the rising stars in the "WOW" beauty world. Irina Shayk is on the cover of SI's 2011 Swimsuit issues, as well as at or near the top of ever men's magazine dream list. I added in sleeper picks that inspire ever guy's eyes to be wide open. Bar Refaeli and Ana Beatriz-Barros are new stars in the sky.

 Then I looked for women who added their stunning beauty to films again. Charlize Theron, Jessica Biel and the too sexy for words: Elisha Cuthbert. I added the bubbly beauty of Kate Hudson, and the sultry Rosie Huntington - Whitley from Victoria Secret and Transformers 3 fame. Then for icing on the cake, I added the self proclaimed nerd beauty herself, Olivia Munn.

  So have a look, then vote for my team with a Rec'd for the post.



  Irina Shayk


Image Detail  irina shayk   irina shayk   


Elle McPherson




Olivia Munn


   Image Detail Image Detail


Hallie Berry


Image Detail   Image Detail Image Detail


Elisha Cuthbert


Image Detail   Image Detail


Rosie Huntington Whitley


Image Detail   Image Detail Image Detail


Charlize Theron


Image Detail  


Bar Refaeli


Image Detail   Image Detail  Image Detail


Ana Beatriz Barros


Image Detail  Image Detail Image Detail


Kate Hudson


Image Detail   Image Detail Image Detail


Salma Hayek


Image Detail   Image Detail Image Detail


Jessica Biel


Image Detail   Image Detail Image Detail


   There you have it! Team DouglasM! Ok, someone slap me awake... I hope you'll vote for this amazing team. Enter a rec'd located by the comment counter. Click on rec'd and thank you for your vote! Now hands off my ladies!!! :-)

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