The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly wk. 7

Well here we go, another week and another loss, so once again here's my Good, Bad and Ugly of the weeks game against the Cowgirls, more after the jump..





The Good

Brandon Lloyd - One of few bright spots that don't make me want to give up on this team and yet another player to feel sorry for in the travesty that is the Rams. Well he's as good as we thought he was and his hands are a great asset that he brings to this team. Can't wait to see what him, Clayton and Sam can do on the field at the same time, good game Lloyd. Lloyd led the Rams in rec and yards today with 6 receptions for 74 yards, catching passes from backup A.J. Feeley

Sam Bradford - Yes I am well aware that he didn't play today but this good is for him playing next week because I think if he played today it would have been a much closer game, not say we would have won but it would have at least been interesting none the less, here's to Sam playing next week... against the Saints (FUCK!!).

The Bad -

AJ Feely - Well he is as bad as we all expected and as he continued to glue his eyes on Lloyd almost every play we all had to mind boggling things come to mind, 1. This guy is getting payed 1.2 Mil and 2. Why the fuck did we not keep Lewis. I give Feely credit though he started out good and he stuck in there and tried his best to his abilities but it was like after that start we all saw why he hadn't started a game in years and why we need Sam back so bad.

The Ugly -

Run Defense - Holy shit how many yards did Damarco Murray have today, 250?! I mean wow how many records are we going to give up this year my Jesus. It's like every time I looked up there was a gaping hole in the middle of our Defense that could be run through by a fucking turtle and of course Murray comes blazing through that bitch like a raggedy ass car on nice ass rims in the "hood" ( haha ). Romo didn't even brake 200 yards today and we still got our asses kicked. By the way kudos to Murray today, OU!!

Play Calling - Ok you've just stopped an offense and you have a chance to get back into it, what do you do? If you're a smart OC you'll mix in so run with some pass and maybe run a little no huddle to keep the defense off balance but if you're the Rams you run 3 fucking runs in a row! And I'm sorry some of you may accuse McHoody for that shit but do you really associate a running offense with McHoody? If anything you'd be pissed at him for throwing it too much and that shit has Spag's name all over it. The Playing Calling was horrible today but I wounder how much that had to do with the coaches being conservative because they know who they have at QB and want to keep it simple. I don't know but that shit was putrid today.

As I said about I think Sam and Clayton will be back next week as we play the Saints so put that with Brandon and SJax and we have atleast a fighting chance. This game next week comes down to the line giving Sam time to drop back and make his reads also we have to stop Ingram from running all over us, I know I'm stating the obvious but that's just how I say it. Also I'd like to pat myself on the back for almost predicting the score, I predicted 35-6 but hey we scored a touchdown and the Cowgirls only got 34 ( not really something to brag about I guess unless we have 35 or higher ), I know that was not needed but needed at least that to cheer me up.

Well as always.. GO RAMS!

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