Good lord, this team sucks so bad...

They couldn't sell pussy on a battleship!



I guess the upside is that the Rams will get the Wide Receiver they so desperately need in the draft next year. But it is totally obvious that the Rams offense isnt practiced enough to string together enough successful plays to make a scoring drive. This offense is still back in training camp.


I understand now why Pat Shurmur went with the Dink and Dunk offense because the Rams pass protection just isnt good enough for down the field passing right now....well I shouldn't say that totally...that is partially true. The other part of it is the Ram Oline would just barely be good enough if they had a receiver or two that could get open consistently....wait let me back up, they would have to be capable of catching the ball first....ahhh crap! LOL!


Well most of this is dead horse stuff as it has been the Rams problem for 4 games now and nothing has changed. So I will just go over new thoughts I had.


Pettis catches the football he should be pressed into service immediately. In fact, at this point I think if I were coach for the day, I would just bench these guys for not catching the football. We are 4 games into the season there should be a modicum of improvement in this department when it looks like it is actually getting worse. So against the Packers, I would bench MSW, Lance Kendricks and I would start Bajema, Pettis and Alexander...Gibson is supposed to be our number1 and cant get open ahh what the heck bench him too. Clayton will be no exception....he starts against the packers, but if he has 2 or more drops, he is benched.


The next is play calling. Its time to throw JMCD out are down by 3 scores you are in 3rd and 10 situations multiple times, receivers are dropping balls and your quarterback has at this point been put on the deck 20 times and this dumbass is drawing up 25 - 35 yard down the middle pass plays. Hello, our quarterback cannot hold the ball that long! Not to mention that even if the QB manages to get it off before another MMA style kidney shot, nobody is going to catch it anyway!  How many times did we see that happen in this game!


One more thing about Pettis...did they teach this man how to waive his friggen arm in the air! Thank god the Rams at least got some penalty yardage out of this stupidity, but cmon! Some of these guys are not ready to play on special teams and it is starting to piss me off.


Last words...The Rams defense is badass....holy smokes can you imagine how good they would be with an offense that could move the ball? JL INT awesome...Hey King finally gets a break great job on that catch, Darian Stewart stepped it up big time. Dominique Curry, you have heart and seem to understand that football is about fundamentals, how would you like to play in the Rams offense?...and Sammy oh man Sam Bradford...I will let the fumble are totally the friggen man and I am so glad you are so pissed off right now, I hope you chew some ass for next two weeks. This is your team and despite all those tireless hours you spend pursuing excellence, these bums just dont care whether you take 1 sack or SEVEN...I hope you let them know it for the next two weeks. If I were you I would show your oline and WRs your bloody pants that then wop them over the head with them repeatedly while yelling nice catch Mike and great block Roger at the top of my lungs!


This team needs to get its head out of its rear end.

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