The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well another week another loss Rams fans and this one hurt because we really needed a win going into the bye week especially considering who we have coming out of our bye (GreenBay, Dallas, and the Saints). So instead of bitching and taking up a whole fanpost on how bad this team sucks I will also put in some of the good things that I saw today. Hope you enjoy and more after the jump...

The Good

Austin Pettis - If there was one bright spot in this recieving unit it would be Pettis. I don't know why they didn't put him in more during the game because this guy is a baller and I'm not sure but has he even dropped a ball in his 2 games that he's been active? He really caught fire on our TD scoring drive and I'll even go as far as to say we don't get into the position to score that TD without him. I hope to see a lot more of him of him and look forward to seeing him develop as the season goes on. He was obviously our most consistent WR of the day.

The Defense - Even though they did get gashed on some throwing and running plays they played pretty well on the philosophy of bend but don't break. They only let up 17 points and may I remind you one of those came off of a Sam Bradford fumble on shortened field when they had just came off the field. May I also remind you that they caused two turnovers on the behalf of JL (awesome adjustment to the ball) and Justin King (go figure)  and gave the Offense many chances with the ball in which they could not capitalize on ( on King's INT they got a FG and off JLs they punted). All in all I think the D played pretty well all considering

The Bad

Sam Bradford - Yes I know and I hear you loud and clear this game was no where near Bradford's fault but he did hang onto the ball for too long on some plays where he could have thrown it away and he did fumble the ball for the 4th straight game. He also still looks hesitant to trust he WRs and TE ( can't really blame him) and even though he's getting better at this line protections he still could do better. Also overthrew two passes on the final drive ( one could have been a TD and the other a 1st down ) and staring down his recievers a little too much. Sam Bradford completed just 20-of-43 passes for 164 yards and a touchdown in Sunday's loss to the Redskins and I don't know why they chose to run the no huddle so late in the game when they could have ran it so much earlier. Bradford look so good in the no huddle and it caught the Redskins D off guard. Let me repeat myself, I DO NOT blame this loss on Bradford.

Spags - Man I am sick of seeing Spags clap his hands after a 3 and Out or we're losing at half it drives me fucking crazy. There is nothing to laugh or clap about in that situation and game after game it makes me think that he just doesn't have the balls to lead this team to where it needs to be. We need a coach that isn't afraid to get in this players faces and call then out on their shit and Spags just won't do that. I will give him the rest of the year just because of the lockout but if this shit doesn't get better he's out...

The Ugly

I don't think there's one person who watched the game that doesn't know who's going to be under the ugly but here it goes.

Recievers -  How many drops did they have today, 7+. I'm saying 7 because that's all I saw but there might have been more than that. 5 of the 7 could have been first downs or more and 2 of them could have been touchdowns. If you're counting the ending score was 17-14 in that event that wins us the game 24-17.This is unacceptable and the fact that people think that Sam can make these guys better is complete BS. If he hits them between the numbers and they drop the ball it's not his fault. Like Marshall says if it touches their hands it's their responsibility to catch the ball. The worst thing about it is a WR or TE didn't even catch our fucking TD it took SJax to show them how to do it. If we do not get a true number one after this season some heads are gonna roll..

O-Line - and then we come to this piss poor of a line. This o-line demands too much money to be letting defenders come in untouched and getting to Bradford with ease. The Redskins had 6 sacks on the day and I don't know how many knockdowns. The Redskins D was in our backfield so much you would swear they were jumping off sides. The Oline didn't give Bradford enough time to throw the ball most of the game and if this doesn't get better Sam will be injured by the end of the Season and lets not forget all the costly penalties, just pathetic.

I really hope this shit get figured out over the Bye because as of right now it doesn't look good in the least. I will say this though, if the WRs, TEs and O-Line can get their shit together I could still see an 7-8 - 8-8 record coming. They will be the deciding factor to how this season pans out for us. I honestly feel real bad for Sam and it's not even funny anymore. His piss poor surroundings are crumbling around him and he consistently stays in the pocket to deliver a a perfect pass to these recievers and they just drop the shit? Anyone that blames Bradford for this loss is full of it..

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