What's the Problem?

Is coaching the problem? Or is it the lack of talent at certain positions being exploited?  Who has been the most upsetting guy on the team this year? Justin King. We all knew he wasn't all that great. Is it really the coaches fault King sucks? Bartell and Fletcher did just fine last year so I really don't blame it all on the coaching.

And aside from Justin King, who has been absolutely terrible? Maybe Craig Dahl but I wouldn't even go that far. Take away Justin King and put in Bartell during that Ravens game. How many touchdowns do they have? Not near as much, I guarantee it.


HC- It's hard to blame it all on Spags. Unless we could pull in Jon Gruden somehow I think he should stay.

O-line- Do I even have to tell you about this one? He needs to be fired. Don't ask me who to bring in because I have no idea, but there has to be someone better. right? I think I can say that it is obvious that every guy on the line has great talent. I just don't know who else to blame here.

WR- I have a plan for this area of coaching. I say we fire whoever the heck is in there now and bring in Issac Bruce/Jerry Rice, someone who knows what is going on. But even with a new coach, Sam NEEDS weapons. Mark Clayton should help, but either way, we need to pick one up in the offseason.

Overall- If we get a new O-line and WR coach, I will be pleased. We need to try something.


Secondary- This shouldn't really be as much of a need as it is right now. Injuries to Bartell and Murphy have destroyed us. That forced Justin King into a starting spot and we all know how that has turned out. Mikell is playing very well, Stewart did amazing today, so basically all the big plays have been on Justin King's shoulders.

Linebackers- Aside from JL55, who has been doing that good? Leber has been exceptional but Poppinga hasn't pleased me too much.

O-line- Talent isn't coming together.

Wide Receivers- This team has quite a bit of #2 receivers. I wouldn't call Sms-Walker a #1, and Gibson is a good #2. Amendola is amazing in the slot. DX is doing pretty good and has kept away from the injury bug so far this year. Need to be able to say we have a #1 by the start of next season.

Overall- We don't have a terrible team in my mind. Teams just know where our weaknesses are and have been exploiting them. I mean if we took out King and had a healthy Bartell in the Ravens game, how many TD's would they have scored? Not that many I'll tell you that.


2009- Did fairly well accept for the whole thing about Jason Smith potentially being a bust.

2010- Made all the right picks except for Gilyard. He just never was the player we hoped he would be.

2011- Ok, this might come out confusing but here it goes. We didn't do good at all in terms of needs. In the first round we took Quinn. I love to have him, it's just that he didn't fill a big need like Luiget would have or even Amukamara. In the second we took Kendricks. Again, I love to have him but TE wasn't really a hige need.

Overall- I am happy with what we have done. Bradford has shown he can make the throws, JL55 is a beast, and Bradley Fletcher is a success.


Draft- Based on the way we are playing now, we will be a top 10 or maybe even top 5 pick. I think we need to go for Blackmon. fills a huge need and Bradford will be so, so happy, as will I. In second we should get a CB or DT. Janoris Jenkins could fall, Juron Hosley could be in the running, as could Chase Minnifield.For DT Marcus Forston or Tydreke Powell is someone to look for.

Overall- we just need impact players. Blackmon should be a stud, and we could use a corner or DT.

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