TST Power Rankings Week 7

The league is finally starting to shape up. After weeks of teams moving in and out, the top 10 appears to be pretty set (minus a Bengals leap). The biggest movers? The already mentioned Bengals jumped up 13 spots to #8, and the Grossman-less Redskins dropped 10 spots to number 19. Hit the jump to see where every other team landed...

Team Doug M Ram_rod Avg (+/-) Say What?

Green Bay Packers
1 1



Aaron Rodgers is having an MVP season. I don't think there is a cheesehead in existence who would prefer Favre over him. -Eric

New England Patriots
2 2



Showing the depth needed to make it through the season and into the next Super Bowl. Brady will challenge Rodgers for NFL MVP - Doug

Baltimore Ravens
3 3



See what happens when Flacco plays well? The guy is on fire! - Doug

Detroit Lions
4 5



They hit a speed bump against a tough 49ers team. Hopefully Schwartz won't whine like a baby after every loss. - Eric

San Francisco 49ers
5 4



This is as high as they go this year. I'm just not sold on Smith keeping it together past the season's mid-point. -Doug

New Orleans Saints
6 6



Colston returning to form will help Drew Brees, but the Saint defense is no where near as strong as they need to be at this point in the season. -Doug

San Diego Chargers
8 7



Slow starts? Not this year. The division is looking like it is the Chargers vs. Carson Palmer. -Eric

Cincinnati Bengals
7 10



If the Falcons gave up the entire farm for Julio Jones, what would they have given up for A.J. Green? -Eric

Buffalo Bills
9 8



Their losses have brought them back down to earth, and taken the pressure from their shoulders. It's their season to take back if they can hold together. -Doug

Pittsburgh Steelers
10 9



They are creaking back up, but don't look for them to keep climbing. This team is showing cracks in their armor. -Doug

Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12 11



Tough sell in a crowded division. They need to turn it up to 11 or else they may be on the outside looking in…again. -Eric