The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Wk. 6

Well even though this is another loss I think we can take some positives out of it that we couldn't say a couple of weeks ago. So here's may analysis over this weeks game and more after the jump.

The Good

The Oline - I wouldn't say by no stretch of the mind that they played great but considering that they came in as giving up the most sacks in the league (18) I believe that they only gave up 1 or 2 sacks in this game. They actually gave Sam some time in the pocket to work with (He threw for over 300 yards for the second time this year and over 400 yards of all around offense) and the offense really was able to move the ball up and down the field all day, their problems really came in the RZ. I've said this for the last couple of days but I think the OLine will continue to improve and our biggest issue is still the WR position. Other than some mental mistakes on Fall Starts and things of that sort they really stepped on and for that I say kudos.

The Defense - If you would have told me a couple of weeks ago that we would only give up 24 points to the best team in the league (Green Bay Packers) I would tell you to get the fuck out of here and also tell me we would shut out this offense in the second half I'd ask you to pass the coolaid over here because I need some. Some might say that the Packers went into conservative mode in the 2nd half but they were still very much in attack mode passing the ball and this D played food enough to win this game and I do believe we beat them in TOP.

The Bad

Justin King - I am seriously sick of seeing this dude on the field giving up big plays, how many touchdowns on this defense this season have been given up by him alone? The dude sucks and I can't wait til we get our 2 best CBs back because everytime he gets on the field I get a headache.

Sam Bradford - As some of you know I am one of the biggest Sam Bradford lovers on here and as I might say most of his problems it's been his surroundings but he did have his faults today that was his problem alone and he needs to work on. he has to get better and feeling the pressure when it gets near him and step up in the pocket. To this it's not going to be as easy because remember what college he came from (OU) and he didn't have that much pressure get to him thanks to his great line and this will be a learning curve for him. Also that fade that he threw to Danario in the endzone has to be thrown higher and if so that a TD not an INT. Also that missed TD throw to Salas in the endzone has to be thrown better. Overall I think he played good but these things pointed out above need to and should be improved as the season goes on.

The Ugly

RZ Offense -  I mean wow how does a offense have 400 yards of total Offense and above 300 passing yards not have a single TD, that's just pathetic. This RZ O has been pathetic all season and needs to be improved. I really hope McHoody has something up his sleve because just getting up and down the field isn't going to work, we need TDs and not FGs.

No I'd like to adress a plea that's been going here for most of the whole season and that the firing of Spags. Yes I have said many times that he is not my kind of coach which is the kind of coach that gets up in his players faces and tells them about themselves but this game was not his fault and I'd like to say that. This loss falls squarely on the players backs like missed FG, the INT in the RZ, and the overthrown of Salas that would have given us yet another TD which would have put the score at 24-20. Then lets not forget the drops that continue to plague drives. Does the game still play out to where the D shuts the Packers O out in the 2nd half I don't know but it's worth the thought. If Spags is to blame for anything it's the mental mistakes by these players that need to be fixed. This team has improved which is also contributed to Spags and I think that this team can stil win 3-5 games this season.

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