Only the Rams

Some time ago, I was in the middle of purchasing a vehicle. The salesman in some dead time while waiting for paperwork to come back starts talking football. I made some joking comment to the effect of " Apparently I like anguish, I am a Rams fan." To which he responded "Try being a Raiders fan."

Reflecting on that moment for some weird reason while watching the Rams commit Seppuku at Lambeau Field, I decided to retort in my mind..."Sooooo!"

Its less painful to be a Raiders fan because...


Only the Rams can roll up 425 yards of offense with 300 in the air and 125 on the ground with 5 yards per carry and only score 3 points.

Only the Rams can commit a false start penalty on 4th and 7

Only the Rams can lose 16 yards on a dropped lateral that goes out of bounds and it be an IMPROVEMENT over the last time they ran that play!

Only the Rams can drop a perfectly thrown pass on 4th and 9

Only the Rams can pitch a shutout to the number 1 offense in the league for the entire second half of a football game while getting short field help from a 40 yard punt return and an interception then SCORE NO POINTS THEMSELVES!


I swear, watching this team is like watching one of those bad movies where the plot is just good enough to where you make the decision to see it through to the end because you just see how it might turn out good then just waste 4 hours of your life.This team drove the ball fought hard crossed the 50 and you would get into it thinking "This is it, they are going to punch it in now, everything is working!" Then the team finds some never before thought of way to shoot themselves in the foot. Its really quite amazing!

Even Chis Myers was turning to Tim Ryan and politely trying to get him to come up with some explanation for what his eyes were not comprehending. "Tim, is it possible for a team to play like this?" "I mean it almost looks like they are trying really really hard not to score any points?" " Like I am completely not a Rams fan, but I am having  this sudden urge to go down there and yell at their stupidity!" "Are you feeling like that too Tim?"

But perhaps worse of all I think is that the Rams were vastly vastly improved today! But when the game is on the line, this team has to many players that are choking.


At least the team is now improving...

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