2012 NFL Draft: Cornerbacks Big Board From TST

  Last time, buckeyefan55 and I put our WR Big Board together. It was a bit of unfair timing, as the previous day's news that Bradley Fletcher would be out for the season had focused the eyes of St. Louis Rams fans on the cornerback position. Buck and I quickly decided that the next board had to be one that addressed cornerback.

  Looking to next year, the CB depth chart is about as solid as a thick slice of head cheese. Ron Bartell would be entering his contract year and coming off of a neck injury. Bradley Fletcher would also be entering the final year of his contract...and would also be coming off of the aforementioned season-ending injury to his knee, the second in three years. Jerome Murphy' broken ankle would hopefully be less broken and could pick up where his rookie season left off.

  Given those three, who knows what the Rams will be able to get out of any CBs next year. With that in mind, our CB board as of today after the jump.

For reference, here's the Mocking the Draft CB rankings with detailed notes on 7 prospects.

buckeyefan55 3k
Rank Name School MTD rank Name School MTD rank
1 Dre Kirkpatrick*
Alabama 1 Chase Minnifield VIrginia 2
2 Morris Claiborne* LSU 5 Stephon Gilmore* S. Carolina 6
3 Jayron Hosley* Va. Tech 8 Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska 3
4 Alfonzo Dennard Nebraska 3 Morris Claiborne* LSU 5
5 Janoris Jenkins N. Alabama 4 Dre Kirkpatrick* Alabama 1
6 Stephon Gilmore* S. Carolina 6 Janoris Jenkins N. Alabama 4
7 Casey Hayward Vanderbilt 12 Jayron Hosley* Va. Tech 8
8 Chase Minnifield Virginia 2 Desmond Trufant* Washington 16
9 Cliff Harris* Oregon 9 Xavier Rhodes* Florida St. N/A
10 Brandon Boykin Georgia 7 Coryell Judie Texas A&M 11

* denotes underclassmen

  Similarly to the WR board where I noted that certain prospects on the board wouldn't fit all roles, the same applies here. Alfonzo Dennard cannot fill a nickel CB hole at the NFL. Janoris Jenkins, alternatively, isn't going to be able to work against bigger receivers in single press situations.

  Again, like the WR board, buck and I simply had some different values. Where buck has multiple guys on his board that didn't make mine who can serve as nickel or dime options (Casey Hayward, Cliff Harris, Brandon Boykin), I had bigger, more physical types (just look at the differences in how we ranked Jayron Hosley, Stephon Gilmore and Chase Minniefield).

  I'll have the watchlist up with the open thread for tonight that thankfully features a game worth watching (all you WR hopefuls might want to catch a glimpse of California's Keenan Allen). For this thread, though, it's all about shutting down the pass.


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