I've never been one to open a can of worms but.....PT.1

With all the talk going on recently, I decided to walk the tight-rope and bring up one of the sore subjects that has gone on longer than the funk this team is in. Are you ready? The........wide-receivers. But draft gurus, go away, this will be about next years free-agents and (wishful thinking) possible trades. We might be able to sign one of these dudes if the money is there to do so. I was going to save this multi-position preview until later, but watching the other games this week made me a little brave to tread here. Admit it, the draft history of this organization has never really been good (lucky may be a better term)and as the current regime seems to think it is going to correct itself with a snap of their fingers. Nope, not going to happen. Since all the Ram's receivers are on the bubble, I've included them too. So, what are the other option(s)?


Rodney White is a good option with his team on the decline (good, but no longer elite), but what could we trade for him? Jason Smith or Banan, Salas and mid to late draft choice. I know, in my dreams. Someone please give me an option, Sam would have your eternal thanks with him at #1.

Brandon Marshall is another sports car with no engine to get him going. Too bad the FO hasn't grown a pair. He'd be wearing blue and gold this week.

Other signed top flight #1s are pretty much untouchables.

Get free agent from division opponent-

Ted Ginn, that's it. There isn't any other reciever I would kick the tires on. He's a number three, but could return punt and kicks better than what's on the team now.

Established #1s-

Reggie Wayne: very little injury history. Knows how to catch fire-balls and is a game changer.

Marcus Colston: funny how a superbowl puts you in the lime-light.

Vincent Jackson: doesn't want to play for us it seems, but other fans here like him too.

Up and coming #1s-

Bowe from K.C.: You won't have to move. Man, you will get a multi-year contract next year.

Brandon Lloyd: Rumors abound this year that may make this posting un-nessesary, but with this FO.


Jordie Nelson: Easily a number one on this team. His YAC sure does pad Rogers stats. But who would ever want to leave a team that may win a few more superbowls.

Pierre Garcon: Small injury risk, but makes the tough catch in traffic. Need to sign him to 2+ years for reward to out-weigh the risk.

DX: Resign him FO, if he makes strides next year as he has this year, Jackpot!

Mark Clayton: If he comes back to 100% of what we saw last year, happy times for Sam.


Danny Amendola: Resign him, resign him and resign him. May your rehab reload you for next year.

Crayton from Dallas: Some-one that use to wear blue and gold may make him available to us next year.

Pettis: Don't trade him, or else!

Sims-Walker: If he cleans up his act, #3 is his only option next year.

Gibson: If he catches 50+ this year, he'll be back.

Curry: Special-teams gem.

Anybody else not mentioned that's on the team now will be traded,waived or cut. I relize this may be way too early for this posting. Of course, if the rams clean house, some of these guys won't come here unless Tony Dungy is Head Coach/GM and Jeff Fisher takes over the defense. But lighting a fire on the fan end now will be the only jolt I'll feel til 0 for becomes 1and.

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