Seems like these grades are on a downward curve

Welcome back to reality fellow Rams fans. Seems like having the week off didn't help our cause as we stand as the only win-less NFC team. After watching the 49ers dominate and the Sea-hawks make the needed plays to win this week also hasn't helped. At least the Cardinals loss to the Vikings gives me hope that we won't go 0-8.

Now comes the big IF. IF the rams can correct the blocking, penalty, catching, assignment, injury and Brain-fart issues. Wait, that's just too much to correct in one week. Let me re-phase that, let's call it Dutch-boy the issues. A good showing this week is possible. Don't get me wrong, we will be 0-5, but going down with fight will go a long way to win back respect and fans. It's the following games that could be interesting if the steps are in the right direction. Along with the Arizona game, the Cowboy and Saint games have possibilities based on their recent play. Would 2-6 save jobs, face and fans? We'll see!


This is my first quarter grades on every player on the roster. I weighed their play, experience and intangibles. Of course, if I missed something that would alter the grade, please let me know. Since most grades wouldn't be good on a A-F scale, I decided to go pass/fail. Players listed in alphabetical order:



Danario Alexander                    Pass                 Considering his limitations don't show at times and his ability to get open he gets a passing grade. His flop on a long pass play does stick in my memory though.

Billy Bajema                                Fail                   For a blocking specialist, he hasn't been special. I do remember a critical dropped pass on him too.   

Jacob Bell                                   Pass                 He gets a pass on the fact his number hasn't been called on the numerous o-line penalties. Not too bad on pass blocking. Needs to be on the field though.   

Sam Bradford                             Pass                Poor Sam, it's as if he was forgotten on Christmas day. With he has to play with, his toy box brings no envy.

Jason Brown                               Fail                  His grade has to be the best we've seen from him this year. With so much experience and less responsibilities, I don't get it!   

Dominque Curry                        Pass                 I saw a posting showing him cut, WHAT? This guy is one the few who has done more than asked in his ROLE.

Harvey Dahl                                Pass                Unless I missed it, he has no personal fouls this year. Come on Harvey, that is what the doctor ordered. It might be all we have to cheer about this year.

A.J. Feely                                     Fail                   Your suppose to set a example for Sam, oh wait, you were on losing teams, maybe not showing how to lose would be better.

Brandon Gibson                        Pass                Ah Brandon, everyone expects you to be Fitz, you're not, but you haven't hurt the team as others have.

Adam Goldberg                         Pass                This one was very hard to grade. I guess not being on the field changes the curve for you.

Michael Hoomanawanui         Fail                    Dude, do you want bionic replacements? It's that or get parted out.

Steven Jackson                        Pass                 Son, you really must of done something bad back in the day. How you've been punished for so long should only happen to hardened Criminals. You really kicked em all where it hurts, now some of the other leaders (Where or should I say who are you?) need to kick ass too.

Lance Kendricks                      Fail                    One of two ways to go Lance. Go home and have the neighborhood boys throw you the ball and really have to work to catch it. Or just relax and know the ball is going to be there on your break and look the ball in the whole way!

Brit Miller                                    Pass                 Another role player that has gotten cheers this year.

Jerious Norwood                      Fail                   Disappeared after the first game. Get better fast, you need to be on the field to keep your job.

Austin Pettis                              Fail                  If only he wasn't in the dog-house (hence his grade) earlier. Looking forward to see more from him real soon.

Quinn Porter                             Pass                Hasn't done much, but the reward of this find is a few games away.

Roger Saffold                           Fail                   Nothing to say Roger? A flashback to last year must be like a dream now, huh?

Greg Salas                                Fail                  Nothing like making losing into losing bad.

Mike Sims-Walker                   Fail                   Make the needed catches. Garrand must have been throwing pillows to you. Sam has a real NFL arm, doesn't he?

Jason Smith                             Fail                   Some-one had a good idea, take some of that big money you're making and take Coach Spags and the rest of your fellow linemen out to dinner to talk and solve the biggest weakness on this team now!

Stephen Spach                        Fail                   Tell me, has this guy done anything at all?

Cadillac Williams                    Fail                   So far, everybody only remembers that pass vs. the Giants. Not a good thing, you think?

Tony Wragge                            Pass                Compared to all the bad from the o-line has done, he's been O.K. Way to step up!


C.J. Ah You                               Fail                      Your follow Sooner alum needs You to play.

Justin Bannan                         Fail                      Are you where you thought you would be? Here at 0-4 or signed with the Colts who are 0-5.

James Butler                           Fail                      When will you make a play again that I'd remember?

Chris Chamberlain                Pass                   Not bad on special teams, but what else have you done?

Craig Dahl                                Fail                     Too bad you're not 3inches taller and 20lbs heavier, you would be a decent line-backer. That td pass allowed against the Giants will never be a teaching tool, I promise.

Gary Gibson                            Fail                     Your attempts at being a disappearing act have gotten rave reviews.

Josh Gordy                              Pass                  You get a pass because I thought you were related to Barry.

James Hall                             Pass                  Pretty soon experience alone won't get you to the Quarterback.

Al Harris                                  Pass                  You're welcomed to the party as long as you can stay. That doesn't make you fell better does it?

Rod Hood                               Pass                  When you play, think your Rod Perry. At least we all can hope for that.

Josh Hull                                Fail                     Josh, if the two players ahead of you are playing for a contract next year, aren't going to get one at this point. Why don't you?

Bryan Kehl                              Fail                    The coaches must see something in you. Now we need to.

Justin King                             Fail                     Do really think a pick will make us forget your terrible play, NNNOOO!!!

James Laurinatis                 Pass                  Your a true Spartan Bro. It feels like a million arrows falling, yes?

Ben Leber                               Fail                    Actually a tough call to make, should of tried to call collect.

Chris Long                             Pass                  Al Davis has took his place among the football gods now. Your dad's old boss was always reminded of the Raider hay-day when you play, keep him proud!

Quintin Mikell                         Pass                   I know you're new to the team, but you could give a large boost to this team if you stepped up now, your leadership would be a welcomed site.

Brady Poppinga                    Pass                   Some will disagree with the grade, but I'd remind them it was much worst on your side last year.

Robert Quinn                         Pass                  I'm thinking if you played any last year, that experience might have you starting this week.

Fred Robbins                         Pass                 One more for the road Fred? Your play the last few years has been more than expected, Thank You!

Darrell Scott                            Pass                 Get well soon, looks like you'll be getting some more playing time when your back.

Eugene Sims                         Pass                 Some-one tell me why he's not on the field.

Darian Stewart                       Pass                 Didn't you dream about being a starter in the NFL. Didn't expect this did you?

Jabara Williams                    Pass                 Get him on the field coach, the reward you'll get from getting him experience is bank!


Josh Brown                            Pass                 Our leading scorer, what? You can read his lips on the sidelines. "Catch the ball, hold on to the ball, ....he dropped the ball, Damn-it!

Donnie Jones                        Pass                 He's reading his contract looking for the clause for maximum punts in a year.

Jacob McQuaide                    Pass                 Read above.

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