Reading between the lines - What the McDaniels hiring really means.

After a few days of speculation and various opinions on the subject by fans and media alike, the St. Louis Rams have hired Josh McDaniels to be their Offensive Coordinator.


If you wanted him,  great.  If you didn't, too bad.  He's here.


While there is some conjecture and some room for interpretation, the facts surrounding Josh McDaniels are still pretty clear.

He was a great offensive coordinator in New England.  He was a terrible head coach in Denver.  He does not fit the 4 Pillars philosophy both because of cheating (read: questionable ethics) and a pretty extreme sense of self importance (read: it is fair to question his motives.  Will he buy into the team concept?).  Is Josh McDaniels a risky hire?  Maybe it was more risky to NOT hire him.


However, this is all beyond the scope of this post.


I want to talk about what the Rams' hiring of Josh McDaniels really means.

Hiring Josh McDaniels as our OC means that the front office (and I'll include Stan Kroenke here) has decided to be proactive in building a winning franchise.  Josh may be a terrible hire ... or he may be a great hire ... but he symbolizes the idea that the Rams mean business.


The status quo is not acceptable.

The improvement shown thus far is great, but not enough.

Even my grandmother knows Amendola is going to run a drag route on second and 9.

Kroenke and Devaney have a job to do and that is to give Spagnuolo the personnel to compete.  Spagnuolo has a job to do and that is to win with the personnel he's been given.


If Ramchop had a better delivery, he'd be highly regarded by most of this blog (instead of just half of this blog) because he's right.  He has been saying it all year but his delivery throws us off what he's truly saying sometimes.  Kroenke didn't buy this team to watch us drown in mediocrity.  Devaney and Spags may have had their hands tied in the past, but no longer.  Kroenke will do what it takes.  Devaney and Spags will  now sink or swim on their own merits.  We'd get all mushy with Spags and say "look how much better the team is now than it was 2 years ago.  Give Spags a break."  And I'd agree.  Mostly.  Spags has done a terrific job changing the attitude of the team. and that alone probably accounted for 2 wins this season.  Face it, we are still very talent deficient.  However, his free ride is over.  He's a grown man, a professional.  We aren't dealing with children here.  There's no reason to sugar coat anything.

By hiring Josh McDaniels, the Rams' front office has told it's coaches and players that they are building a winner.

Now I can't wait for FA to begin.

It is now blatantly obvious that the Rams will make a big splash (or two) in free agency.  THEY WANT TO WIN.  Sidney Rice, Vincent Jackson, Logan Mankins, Chad GreenwayDarren Sproles,  Richard Seymour ... we will get one or two of these guys.  Why?  Because we are going to win.

The draft will help us again as well.  Do we pick up Pouncey or Jones or Claybourn? ... I don't know, but you can be assured that it will tie directly into a plan to improve our team that involves the FA's we expect to pick up as well as the types of players that Josh McD, Ken Flajole and Steve Spagnuolo think fit with what they do.


Will it work?  Who can say?  Surely not me.

But at least we are no longer sitting back. 


... and THAT is what the Josh McDaniels hiring really means.

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