GTFO - Part 2

I'll start off with the wide receivers, since they were the poster boy for the Rams offensive failures (slightly beating out the guards IMO).  Get the fuck off my team already has two receivers penciled out of the voting system: Laurent Robinson (2nd worst receiver in the league) in the shit list and Danny Amendola in the absolved list.  Everyone agreed on those two pretty easily so let's continue to the rest of the receivers.

I might have to make this into two parts unfortunately since there are so many questionable receivers.  Let's start with the Rams two healthy (sorry Avery and Clayton) AND playing (sorry Mardy) receivers before we get into their game.  

Brandon Gibson

Reason to be on the shit list - Well, at his absolute best, he's probably an average #2 receiver and a good #3 receiver.  At his worst, he deserves to be watching NFL games on Sunday.  I forgive you if you think that's pretty unappealing.  If the Rams get a #1, then the Rams will have two receivers (not counting the #1) with more upside than Gibson and one who is a slot receiver.

Reason to not be: I mainly posted my argument here.  I guess that reveals where I stand?  Anyway, the improvement he made in the 2nd half was incredible and while he liking isn't going to catch balls at a 65% rate, his season finished at 58% and you have to wonder if he's actually better than that.  

Denario Alexander

Reason to be on shit list - Oh wait, I thought you said healthy receivers?  The guy has had five knee surgeries and he can barely afford to get another one.  He also only had a 54% catch rate and dropped two unbelievably bad long balls from Sam against Seattle.  

Reason not to be: Check out these stats - or this video - or his first TD catch - The term "high upside" was created for guys like these.  He may have invented it in fact.  If those videos haven't convinced you of his upside (if not I suspect you don't watch Rams games very often), then he's 6'5.  

Needless to say, I think everyone knows where I stand.  Let them both come back next year.  Alexander was our only positive receivers according to FO (although it appears in inordinate amount of weight is put on YPC which is why Danny's negative) and Gibson would have been positive if not for his awful start.  I just think these guys scream potential and it's going to take a bad season to give up on them. 

Shit List


WR Laurent Robinson

QB Sam Bradford

G Jacob Bell

RB Steven Jackson

CB Kevin Dockery

WR Danny Amendola

OLB Nai’ll Diggs

OT Jason Smith and Rodger Saffold

OLB Bryan Kehl

C Jason Brown


DE Chris Long and James Hall


K Josh Brown


P Donnie Jones


CB Ron Bartell and Bradley Fletcher


S OJ Atogwe


DT Fred Robbins


MLB James Lauranitis

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