The Complete Offseason Guide for the 2011 St. Louis Rams

Good afternoon Rams fans. Yes, I know the Rams' season is over. But there is so much to look forward to with his team and 2011 looks bright. Lets examine the 2011 offseason:


Rams' Free Agents:

Mark Clayton (WR)

- We Rams fans are truly grateful for the effort that Clayton showed in his short season. It is in controversy whether the Rams would like to resign him. Even Clayton himself says he wants to stay with the Rams long-term. The only issue with Clayton is his injury.

Final verdict: Mark Clayton should be a ST. Louis Ram in 2011, because of the chemistry he had with Sam Bradford, but on the '11 squad he cannot be the #1 receiver. I would resign him to depth to the Rams worst position.


Kevin Dockery (NCB)

- Dockery had a very up and down year, from his mystery start against the 49ers, to his interception against the Chiefs. Dockery had an okay season, but his season was better than Quincy Butler, Jerome Murphy, and Justin King.

Final verdict: Dockery in my opinion will be a Ram in 2011 because he is better than King and Butler and provides more depth at CB. The more corners the better. Although in the future, he would be a fourth corner and someone by signed or drafted to be a nickel back.


Daniel Fells (TE)

- Fells had career highs in receptions and yards receiving in 2010 and had 2 TDs, but he failed to show show up in some big games such as last week in Seattle and in San Fran. Fells is a solid TE but struggled in run and pass protection this season but has potential.

Final Verdict: Fells is more progressed than Fendi Onobun or Michael Hoomanawanui and is a better pass catcher than Billy Bajema, so I again believe Fells will be a Ram in 2011.


Gary Gibson (DT)

- Gibson was one of the most underrated Rams in 2010. Next to Fred Robbins on the d-line, Gary did much of the dirty work. In the future, he would be a rotational defensive tackle on this team.

Final verdict: Gibson's future looks better than Darell Scott or Clifton Ryan right now, and his work this season staying healthy in all 16 games should make him a Rams in 2011. Hopefully, though, just a rotational tackle.


Adam Goldberg (G/T)

-Goldberg was not as mobile as he has been in the past, because of the fact no lineman was hurt and he started all 16 games at RG. Goldberg was overpowered at times in run blocking and the Rams should look for a bigger right guard for next season.

Final Verdict: Goldberg should be a Ram in 2011 because of how valuable of a player he is to the Rams because he can play any position in the line for the Rams and provides leadership for Saffold and Smith. He may not be a starter but he is needed on the 2011 squad.


Chris Hovan (DT)

-Hovan did not even make it out of training camp without getting injured and never really suited up for the Rams in 2010. Hovan is a much older player compared to Jermelle Cudjo, Darrell Scott, and Gary Gibson.

Final verdict: Hovan will be the first player on my list not to be signed back. Hovan was never a factor, and at his age provides not as much as Cudjo, Gibson, or Scott.


Darcy Johnson (TE)

-Johnson was only resigned after getting cut in training camp because of injuries to all 3 TEs and he didn't do much in his chance. He was on IR before Week 6.

Final Verdict: Johnson has no chance of making the Rams' roster because of the youth and depth of the other tight ends on the roster. So bye-bye Darcy!


Michael Lewis (S)

-Lewis was signed halfway through the season because of injuries to other safeties, but he also did not do much with his chance. Over the second half of the season, he was inactive on gameday while Darian Stewart was. Lewis resembles Craig Dahl much and that's not what the Rams need. They need a pass covering safety with OJ.

Final verdict: Lewis is done after his short time as a Ram based on the reasons given above.


Laurent Robinson (WR)

-Robinson will be known for 4 things as a St. Louis Ram. 1) The first trade new GM Billy Devaney made. 2) The first TD and last TD pass completed by Sam Bradford thrown to him. 3) One of the most overhyped receivers in the league at the start of the year. 4) His lack of catches and costly holding penalty against the Seahawks in Week 17. Robinson had a disappointing 2010 season and Rams fans hated him almost as much as Pat Shurmer. Compared to Robinson, Brandon Gibson, Danario Alexander, and Danny Amendola looked way better.

Final verdict: If Clayton returns, and the Rams have him, Avery, Amendola, Gibson, and Gilyard (or someone else), where would Robinson be? In my opinion, Laurent Robinson is gone.


Clifton Ryan (DT)

-Ryan only played about 2 games and lost his job to Gary Gibson and could never escape his migraine troubles and landed on IR. Ryan has also hated for his play in Week 1 that I won't even discuss.

Final Verdict: Ryan has made some comments and was not as effective as the other tackles. It is to note that Ryan is the only defensive tackle not to be brought in by the Spagnuolo staff. Because of that, I do not think Cliff Ryan is back.


Derek Schoumann (TE)

-Derek was active for about 4 games and did nothing. Heck, not sure if he was in on any offensive play.

Final Verdict: Schouy will not be back next season. :P


Mark Setterstrom (G)

-Mark was never on the field, and maybe never again for any team because of his injuries.

Final verdict: The Rams are not going to sign a guy who probably will never play the game again.


Quincy Butler (CB)

-Butler was a preseason cut, and was only resigned after injuries to other corners. Butler's only real chance was against the defending Super Bowl champs and he did okay. Other than that, there was not a huge body of work for him.

Final verdict: This is a toss-up, but I think the Rams will resign him and see in training camp and in the preseason if he is worthy of a roster spot.


Chris Chamberlain (OLB)

-Chamberlain was missed on special teams early in the season after he was injured in Week 1. Chamberlain also started in a few games at WLB. Chamberlain is never going to be a starting LB in this league but he is solid in pass coverage and is tremendous in special teams.

Final verdict: It is a no-brainer that Chamberlain is resigned, he is a very valuable piece to this Rams team.


Kenneth Darby (RB)

-Darby is never going to be that backup running back that Rams fans want him to be, but he was very effective with his 3 TDs this season. Darby is also a great special teamer and is an excellent pass protector on 3rd down.

Final verdict: Darby will not be the 2nd running back but he is a 3rd running back, he is very good at pass protection and is very good at special teams. Darby should be back.


Renardo Foster (T)

-Foster was only called upon twice this entire season. Once, for a series against Oakland and a start for Jason Smith at RT against Carolina. Foster was very solid, but was not asked to do much.

Final verdict: Foster is also a toss-up. If a guard is signed, Foster's role will be taken by Goldberg (if resigned), and Foster is really not needed. Foster will be like Quincy Butler, and should be resigned and see if he has a shot to make the team after OTAs and such.


John Greco (G)

-Greco was effective as a run blocker and Rams fans questioned his lack of use late in the season. Greco has value on this team to be the backup guard.

Final verdict: Greco should also be resigned, because he is valuable to this team in run blocking.


Curtis Johnson (LB)

-Johnson was at the bottom of the horrible linebacker depth chart, and broke his hand in his first game.

Final verdict: Johnson is not as good as any linebacker, and shouldn't be signed.


Justin King (CB)

-King was ineffective as a nickel corner and was replaced by Kevin Dockery. King could never stay healthy and rarely played the entire second half of the season. King was a Linehan pick, not a Spagnoulo pick.

Final verdict: I never liked King, and he should not be a Ram in 2011.


David Vobora (OLB)

-Vobora made his case with 11 tackles in Week 17, and was effective in the pass rush this past season. Vobora was a good special teams player and is a very good value for a Mr. Irrelevant. 

Final verdict: Vobora may never be a starter but he is a strong backup.


Rams' Positions:



Not even a question for about 10 years, Bradford was awesome even without talent, and Feeley was a good mentor for him. No free agents needed here.



Steven Jackson............. then who? Ken Darby? Keith Toston? It is clear the Rams need help at the #2 spot. The depth chart is 1. Steven Jackson 2. X 3. Ken Darby. I would suggest Mark Ingram at pick #14.

At fullback, Mike Karney's days are numbered. Brit Miller in my opinion, is not a true fullback. Below are notable free agents at both positions.

Free Agents: Heath Evans, Jerome Harrison, Brandon Jackson, Vonte Leach, Le'Ron McClain, Darren Sproles, Leon Washington, Cadillac Williams


Wide Receiver

The Rams biggest offseason and the Rams could go in sooooooo many ways, right now, the Rams have currently 8 receivers on their team. The 3 guys on IR: Mark Clayton, Donnie Avery, and Dominique Curry, the other 5 guys: Danny Amendola, Danario Alexander, Mardy Gilyard, Laurent Robinson, and Brandon Gibson. In those 8, currently 3 guys are pretty certain to make the team: Danny Amendola, Donnie Avery, and Danario Alexander. How about the other 5? Who knows? In the draft, in the Rams spot, there are 2 options: Julio Jones and Justin Blackmon. Otherwise, here are free agents at wide receiver.

Free Agents: 

Plaxico Burress (SPAGS CONNECTION - think about it), Braylon Edwards, Malcolm Floyd, Santonio Holmes, Vincent Jackson, James Jones, Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Sidney Rice, Mike Sims-Walker, Steve Smith (NYG)


Tight End

The Rams are basically set at this position. Bajema can block, Fells can catch, and Illinois Mike is special at his position if healthy. Also if healthy, Fendi Onobun could help. Otherwise, here are free agents.

Free Agents:

Kevin Boss, Owen Daniels, Marcedes Lewis, Zach Miller, Bo Scaife


Offensive Line

The Rams are set with Rodger Saffold on the left side, and Jason Smith on the right side, and Jacob Bell and Jason Brown are getting paid enough to start. Goldberg should be resigned, as too John Greco, to be backups. Hank Fraley is also under contract as the backup center. If anything, the Rams need a guard, and to be honest I am not an evaluator of guards so I cannot put them. 


Defensive Line

Chris Long made major strides in 2010, and veterans Fred Robbins and James Hall played excellent seasons. Gary Gibson was healthy and played well. Young guys like CJ Ah You and George Selvie were okay. In the Rams case, they need a DT to go along with Fred Robbins. Also, who knows if Hall can do it next season. They need a pass rusher. Once again, so many names you can put, but I can't. One name that keeps appearing is Mathias Kiwanuka. Hopefully, we can get him.


Outside Linebacker

I don't even need to say inside linebacker because, well, we all know who is there. On the outside, we are in deep trouble. The combination of Bryan Kehl, Larry Grant, Chris Chamberlain, and David Vobora was bad. They are all solid on special teams, but they are not starters. Na'il Diggs was solid until he was hurt, but he is okay on the outside, but clearly the Rams need help.



The Rams truly need 2 spots in the secondary, a nickel corner and compliment to Craig Dahl who is good in pass protection. Otherwise, the Rams are solid on the outside, with Ron Bartell and Bradley Fletcher, and hopefully OJ Atogwe will be retained also.



Well, the Rams right now need some help, so here is the recap:

1) Backup runningback (compliment to SJ39)

2) Wide Receiver

3) Power guard

4) Pass rushing defensive end

5) Starting defensive tackle

6) Outside linebacker(s)

7) Nickel corner

8) Pass coverage safety



As always, go Rams! and please comment

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