Game Day Pictures - BIG Ones

Pictures from my seats last Sunday in Oakland. You can see so much by being there in person. Body language, leadership, attitude...all of these things give a feeling for the ebb and flow that you just don't get on TV. Of course, your living room is probably a lot more comfortable too.

If you click the pic, you will get the full size. Warning: they're awesomely BIG. You might want to right click and open in a new tab.

Pardon errors in spelling and was tough to get this all hooked up in the limited time I have. There's probably errors in here somewhere that I just don't have time to find and fix, so just enjoy what you can. I'm trying to get to the Rams at Niners game too. We'll see.

It's way early, a lot of fans still getting beer, but the ones who are there let the visitors know they are on the road.

As much football as I've seen, and as many athletes as I've been around, I'm still impressed by how big, strong and fast these guys are.

Those fans in pic 1? They're greeting OJ Atogwe. All in good fun, I'm sure.
I have to say, Atogwe is a fairly impressive athlete in person. He's confident and he's strong, two things that help his ability to take the ball away from other over-sized grown men. Is that a Rams jersey chillin in stands in the background?

OJ flew literally out onto the field for warmups. Dude knows he's a pimp.

The Raiders players greet fans personally in the infamous "Black Hole." Number 55, that's Rolando McLain, the rookie MLB who body slammed Amendola. In the full size pic you'll see a familiar name wearing #7. #5 is the backup QB Gradkowski, who came in and won. Rookie specimen Bruce Campbell is over there #74.

O-line problems, Bradford is under pressure.

Bradford sacked, with 3 black shirts (1 behind the ref) closer to Bradford than any Rams O-linemen.

There were a lot of Rams jerseys in row 1 of the visitor side.

Teammates helping Jackson up after a huge hit. Both teams were really bring it, neither side just going through the motions. You MUST see Jackson play in person before he retires.

Number 92, 6th round pick Eugene Sims is a 235 pound DE who apparently gets dropped into coverage on occasion.

Danny Amendola. Or the Raiderettes. Whichever you prefer.

Look at the attention they're giving James Laurinaitis. Any doubt he's the leader of this defense?

  : )   Whaletail tanlines, if you know what that refers to...

Mostly good protection on this play.

Not a clear shot but you can see Amendola communicating the coverage he sees to his teammates.

Darren McFadden is tough in open space. Here he is attempting to break Chris Long's ankles on one of the little pitch-outs that slowed down the Rams pass rush.

They say you can call holding on every play. Look on the far left. Darrius Heyward-Bey (Raider number 85) has a good left handful of Bartell's right shoulder pad.

It was a tough 4th quarter for the Rams.

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