This Rams Team Now Needs Vincent Jackson (and others of course)

With the Rams losing to the Raiders yesterday 16-14, you must figure out how that happened. There are many factors that happened in the SECOND half. Here are a few of my problems and how to fix them.


Problem #1: No #1 Receiver (a.k.a Vincent Jackson)

- The Rams receivers get 0 separation. Robinson can't get open, Amendola is undersized, Gilyard hasn't caught a pass yet, Clayton can't do it himself, and WHY THE HELL ISN'T BRANDON GIBSON PLAYING!! Avery is back next season.

Solution: Trade for Vincent Jackson. He is the only #1 receiver available. I would trade a 2 and a 6 for him. Kroenke will give Jackson the money he wants. If they did get Jackson, next season the depth chart would be: 1) Jackson, 2) Mark Clayton, 3) Donnie Avery (his true position), 4) Laurent Robinson (his TRUE position), 5) Amendola, Gilyard, Gibson, Alexander, Curry.   Now how does that sound?


Problem #2: No Change of Pace Running Back

- Jackson will get 1,000 yards this season but he needs help! Even though they stink, the Rams haven't even given a chance to Darby or Toston yet. If they don't play, why have them on the roster?

Solution: Either in the 2011 Draft, or the free agent market, sign somebody! Even Johnson has Ringer, Peterson has Gerhart, Turner has Snelling, Jones-Drew has Jennings, and Gore has Westbrook. Jackson has Darby? Eww.


Problem #3: No true Pass Rusher after Long

- James Hall is too old, Sims and Selvie are still young, and Ah You has played well but is only average. The Rams will be good if someone is opposite Long.

Solution: Posibillity Rams take DE from UNC in next year's draft, maybe trade for a Giant? Sign somebody and continue to develop Sims, Selvie, and Ah You.


Problem #4: Not Enough Corners

- The Rams are set with Bartell, but they need to continue to develop Fletcher and Murphy. Dockery needs to stay healthy, and King should be cut. Marquis Johnson has some value, but needs time. They seem thin at this position.

Solution: Draft one more guy or sign one to keep the young core of Ron Bartell, Bradley Fletcher, Jerome Murphy, and even Kevin Dockery or Marquis Johnson in tact.


Problem #5: The Offensive Line

- Jason Smith has to play better, Saffold is learning on the job, and the 3 middle guys have to play better. We need better backups.

Solution: Sign a veteran tackle for next season, someone to mentor the young tackles, and add up on the depth of the line. Continue to develop the young guys.


THE BIGGEST PROBLEM SO FAR, Problem #6: The Coaching

- The clock management, the game-planning, the 55 throws, the no-creativity, the struggling line, the mental mistakes. ALL FALLS ON COACHING. Spags and the rest of the staff are running out of time because Kroenke will bring someone in who will find a way to win.

Solution: Don't ask me, ask the 1-17 Steve Spagnuolo. Coach of the same old sorry ass Rams.

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