Rams back in the mix for Vincent Jackson? (updated)

What could Sam Bradford do with Vincent Jackson as the St. Louis Rams #1 WR?

They're baaaack. Chargers WR Vincent Jackson will learn his fate today, as the league is expected to make a decision on whether or not to reduce it from 6 to 3 games. (Given the league's handling of Ben Rothlisberger, I can't imagine Jackson won't get him commuted too). Naturally, talk of Jackson's suspension possibly being reduced has also reignited trade talk, and once again the St. Louis Rams are popping up as one of the teams interested in Jackson's services. 

It's been said that now Jackson and the league are working to get his suspension reduced if he gets traded

John Czarnecki of Fox Sports told a San Diego radio show yesterday that he expects the Rams to be involved in exploring a potential deal with the Chargers. It's Vikings, however, that most consider to be the odds on favorite to land Jackson. 

The price for Jackson is said to be a second round pick next year and a conditional pick depending on whether or not Jackson signs a long term deal with his new team. Of course, a long term deal for Jackson is certain to be a requirement for any team wanting to land the receiver. 

Will the Rams get seriously involved? Should they?

Prior to last week, I would have said that the cost of such a deal probably wasn't worth it. Now, I'd like to see the Rams make this move...all things being equal. The Rams are more than one wide receiver away from the playoffs...this year. That doesn't mean they're under any less pressure to start putting some wins on the board. Sam Bradford came awfully close to scratching out a win last week, in his first NFL regular season game. Yes, there were a number of plays, bounces, etc. that could have made the difference, but another legitimate playmaker would have sealed the deal. A Rams team with Jackson on board right now would make the Oakland game a foregone conclusion, even if all he did was draw the attention of Nnamdi Asomugha

This season aside, an addition like Jackson should definitely put the Rams in the running for the division title next year. 

Adding Jackson, if it's really and truly a remote possibility, would come with risks, not the least of which would be the draft picks given up in the deal. And, of course, there is the little matter of Jackson himself; is his personality too outsized for the Rams’ locker room?

UPDATE: The league issued a complex ruling on Jackson's suspension, but it's one that assures we'll know sooner rather than later if he'll be dealt. If he gets dealt, he can play after four games. Otherwise, he's got a 6 game suspension. 

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