The Greatest show on Turf is back-Rams start season 3-0 and this is why

This is based on my opionion, please be nice in your comments, I can take constructive critisim, but stupidness will not be tolerated.

Game 1- Home- Ok, other than the fact the Cardinals QB "was" a 2007 pro-bowler. He has been considered a back up throughout most most of his "many" tenures. Advantage for Rams is more pressure will be on him leading into this game. Take the case of Aaron Rodgers replacing Brett Farve into considerration. Derek Anderson, a backup throughout his career suddenly has to take the place of the man who made the St.Louis Rams a true franchise in a town that I am sure will remind him of every botched throw. I believe if you ask Kurt Warner today he will tell you the greatest football memories he has had was on that very same turf Derek will be playing on Sunday. Now tell me this. Do you think Anderson will get the same kind of respect Kurt did playing in St.Louis? No, not in the least. When Kurt played in St.Louis with a Cardinal jersey on it was like a home away from home game. I bet Arizona scratched out the "at" and just put a big "V.S". Sam Bradford has nothing to lose, obviously, and it will be difficult for a defense who allowed upteen points in one of the biggest games of their lives to stop a accurate passer like Bradford. For fuel on the fire in the Cardinals way, our defense was by no means any good last year, but I am pretty sure this time when the Rams get a sack they will not be boo'd anymore by there home town. Not only because they will be winning and even possible cleaning the turf with Arizona. But more importantly it's no longer Kurt Warner laying on that turf. The greatest QB to ever play for the St.Louis Rams and the Arizona Cardinals. But guess what? He never put up a World Championship banner in Arizona. I have a knew phrase. Long and Davis must "SUH" Anderson.

Mental Advantege - Rams (and in football, I do believe that's all that matters.)

Talent Advantege- Rams (yes the Cards have a pro bowl reciver but they got rid of everyone eles who was good, so who's really rebuilding? And can anyone tell me what they accomplished in the draft? Didnt think so.)

Rams win 31-23 1-0

Game 2- Away- Oakland

This game will determine the status of were the Rams will be during the course of the season. It will be tough playing in the Raiders house, and even more difficult if the Rams are 1-0 and the Raiders lose to the Titians, which is a high probablity. Our defense will be tested if Jason can find a reciever he likes, and even more so if McFadden has a breakout year. I am going to be optimistic and say if the Redskins couldn't get him to pass to great recievers,  what makes me think he can go and complete passes to recievers I don't even know. Again Chris Long and Davis are going to have to come up with great plays. I believe they can do it. And with Bradford completing passes to 11 different recievers on our roster i'm not to worried. The Rams can pull this off. Especially if they put up the points they did against the Patirots and Ravens. Considerably two of the best defenses in the game. I believe we can hold our own in Oakland and squeeze away with a hard fought victory.

Mental Adv- Raiders (Only if they beat the Titans and of course anytime when they are in Raider Nation)

Talent Adv- Rams (Jackson and Bradford or Campbell and McFadden, take your pick after week 1)

Rams win 28-21 2-0

Game 3- Home- Washington

I know this sounds crazy but what if i was to tell you the Redskins will not have the QB they need to win out on the field that day. I just cannot put my faith in McNabb and say he will play every game this season. Especially one he will believe his team can beat without him. Wrong he will be, but it doesnt matter either way, and this is why. Steven Jackson I believe will have the game of his life that day. If Steve S. is smart, every running play he calls should be right down Haynesworths alley. Try and tire him early and then kill the secondary with the passing game late. By that time Albert will be so tired he wont even attempt to go after Bradford on every down, and I think this is when the Rams will be able to sideline the Redskins offense enough for them to squeak this one out. The Rams nearly beat the Saints last year. I hope everyone remebers that, because now we have a quarterback who can complete an entire game. I might be going out on a limb here but I believe the Rams will do it. If everyone can remember how loud it gets in the Dome, and already considering the fact the Dome is sold out for week one. I believe it will be very difficult for the Redskins to win if the Rams are 2-0 coming home. The electricity will be back in St.Louis stronger than ever, and if the Stl. Cardinals cant make it to the playoffs this year, well expect that dome to be rocking all season long. 

Mental Adv- Rams. (A rejuvanted town there to finally support them)

Talent Adv- Wash. (Only if everyone is healthy, which i dont see happening, but the real adv for Wash is the coaching staff)

Rams win 17-14 3-0

Andy Hayes- STLCC Forrest Park

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