How about exploring some patches for the O-line?

After one pre-season game the constant chatter about our O-line has forced me to revisit a thought I tried to put out of my mind a while ago:  How about trading for some help to the O-line?  Rarely do teams consider trading Pro-bowl offensive talent....that is until they cannot see eye to eye on a contract dispute.

So I present to you a stiuation where we target a 28 year old pro-bowler, Logan Mankins of the New England Patriots.  The situation is perfect.  The player and his agent are standing firm that they want a contract that they were promised for the hard work and blue-collar like work ethic Mankins provides.  The 6-4, 310lb OG has been playing at a high level and has earned 2 pro bowl invitations as a result.  

The New England Patroits don't want to bend on this with the uncertainty of the future CBA, and with them about to open their wallets to make Tom Brady the highest paid QB in the league (at east until Manning gets his deal).  Consequently, it does not look like anything is going to get done until the player backs down.  If you look historically, New England does not bend to player demands and they rarely overpay players.   They often hold firm and will move forward with or without the guy.  Not to mention they love acquiring draft picks, especially those 2nd and 3rd rounders.  

What I propose is that we offer NE our 3rd round pick next year along with John Greco (so that they get another young O-lineman in return).  I really don't want to give up a 2nd rounder so I hope that this would be enticing enough.

Here is my reasoning....We have committed to trying to piece players in front of our Franchise QB with early draft picks and FA signings.  However, we decided young, inexperienced bookends was a gamble we wanted to take.  If that is the case then it is imperative that we have experienced, quality players on their inside to make their lives easier.  Not to mention it always helps when you have guys that can guide those young players as they grow as a unit.  Mankins rarely misses games and was a constant of that NE O-line since 2005.  Something an often injured O-line would welcome.

With a group of Saffold at LT, Bell at LG, Brown at C, Mankins at RG, and Smith at RT, I believe our line immediately improves.  Strengthens the middle to make life for Jackson and Bradford easier, as well as gives our young Tackles comfort on their inside shoulders.  

Here is an update on the Logan Mankins situation:

Logan Mankins update. Belichick helped clear up a housekeeping-type issue with regard to offensive lineman Logan Mankins. Sunday is reportedly the deadline for teams to send a holdout player a letter informing him of their right to place him on the roster-exempt list, and Mankins’ agent Frank Bauer told the Boston Globe over the weekend: "We haven’t got it yet, but it’ll come. … I would expect them to do everything nasty they can." Yet since Mankins is not under contract, the Patriots have no cause to send the letter and this reported deadline is apparently not a factor when it comes to the team’s dealings with Mankins, according to Belichick.

One can only hope that Billy D. and I share the same wave length on this one.  

However, with the ownership situation yet to be finalized, the team may be more than hesitant to open up the check book for an already expensive O-line.  

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