Ever Since Spags Came In... : The Total Makeover of The Rams Roster

When new Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo came in in 2009, the Ram fanbase expected great things. The 2009 season was just a total makeover from 2008, and 2010 is just a rebuilding year. I did the work, and right now I have 65 players with a shot of making the 53 man roster (or practice squad), and the numbers are pretty wild. I have quite a few. Brain Westbrook if signed, would be 66. Maybe Leonard Little?


Players Remaining From the 2008 St. Louis Rams Roster (Before the New Regime)

- 25. That's it.


Players Remaining From the 2008 Team That Was A Former Rams Draft Pick?

- 14. That's also it, from a possibility of around maybe 35 picks.


How Many of the 14 Were Former 1st Round Picks?

- 2. Chris Long (2009) and Steven Jackson (2004). (No Trung Canidate, Damione Lewis, Adam Archuleta, Ryan Pickett, Robert Thomas, Jimmy Kennedy, Alex Barron, Tye Hill, or Adam Carriker.)


What Were the Remaining 12 Picks?

- Donnie Avery (2nd, 2008), Kennan Burton (4th, 2008), John Greco (3rd, 2008), Clifton Ryan (5th, 2007), David Vobora (Mr. Irrelevant, 2008), Chris Chamberlain (7th, 2008), Victor Adeyanju (4th, 2006), Ron Bartell (2nd, 2005), Justin King (4th, 2008), O.J. Atogwe (3rd, 2005), Mark Setterstrom (7th, 2006), and Chris Massey (7th, 2002).


That Means....

That means in order:

2002 Draft: Chris Massey

2003 Draft: None

2004 Draft: Steven Jackson

2005 Draft: O.J. Atogwe, Ron Bartell

2006 Draft: Victor Adeyanju

2007 Draft: Clifton Ryan, Mark Setterstrom

2008 Draft: Chris Long, John Greco, Justin King, Keenan Burton, Chris Chamberlain, David Vobora


If the Rams Only Have 13 Players Left, How Many Players are Gone?

- Since the 2002 Draft, where the last remaining pick (Chris Massey) was drafted, the Rams have drafted 64 players. That means from the drafts of 2002, to the draft of 2008, 50 former draft picks are gone. Maybe that's why the Rams are so bad. Soooo many bad drafts.


Who are the 11 players that weren't drafted by the Rams?

- Kenneth Darby: a backup RB. (Signed off Falcon's practice squad in 2008)

- Daniel Fells: starting TE. (Signed off Buc's practice squad in 2008)

- Jacob Bell: starting LG. (Free Agent signing in 2008)

- Adam Goldberg: starting lineman. (Trade with Vikings in 2006)

- James Hall: starting RDE. (Trade with Lions in 2007)

- C.J. Ah You: backup DL. (Signed to practice squad in 2008)

- Larry Grant: starting WLB. (Signed off 49er's practice squad in 2008)

- Quincy Butler: backup CB. (Signed off waivers from Cowboys in 2008)

- David Roach: backup S. (Free Agent Signing in 2008)

- Josh Brown: starting K. (Free Agent Signing in 2008)

- Donnie Jones: starting P. (Free Agent Signing in 2007)


After Spags came in, how did the Rams acquire the 40 remaining players?

- 12 were Free Agents.

- 18 were drafted (2009 and 2010 Drafts).

- 2 were Undrafted Free Agents.

- 1 was signed off another team's practice squad.

- 4 were players traded.

- 2 were signed to the Rams' practice squad.

- (1 More) Originally Phil Trautwein was an undrafted free agent, went to the Browns, and was signed back to the Rams from the Browns practice squad. 


Who Are the 12 Free Agents?

- A.J. Feeley (QB)

- Kevin Dockery (NCB)

- James Butler (SS)

- Craig Dahl (S)

- Mike Karney (FB)

- Billy Bajema (TE)

- Na'il Diggs (SLB)

- Jason Brown (C)

- Hank Fraley (G)

- Gary Gibson (DT)

- Darcy Johnson (TE)

- Fred Robbins (DT)


Who are the 18 Draft Picks?

2009 Draft: Jason Smith, James Laurinaitis, Bradley Fletcher, Darell Scott, Brooks Foster, Keith Null, Chris Ogbonnaya.

2010 Draft: Sam Bradford, Rodger Saffold, Jerome Murphy, Mardy Gilyard, Michael Hoomanawanui, Hall Davis, Eugene Sims, Fendi Onobun, George Selvie, Josh Hull, Marquis Johnson.


Who are the 2 Undrafted Free Agents?/Who was the player signed off the PS?/ Signed to the PS?

- Keith Toston and Roger Allen III./Danny Amendola./Dominic Douglas and Eric Young.


Who are the players that were in in trades?

- Brandon Gibson (Eagles), Laurent Robinson (Falcons), Kevin Payne (Bears), Bobby Carpenter (Cowboys).


How many of the 22 new players (in the last 2 years) that weren't drafted, played for the Eagles or Giants (Spags, Shurmer), Falcons (Devaney), or the Panthers (Flajole)?

- 12 of the 22 came from those 4 teams. The Eagles (4): A.J. Feeley, Brandon Gibson, Danny Amendola, and Hank Fraley. The Giants (5): Kevin Dockery, James Butler, Craig Dahl, Darcy Johnson, and Fred Robbins. The Falcons (1) Laurent Robinson. The Panthers (2): Nai'il Diggs and Gary Gibson.




There you go, some amazing numbers for you, let's recap the top 3 stats.

1. Only 25 players remain from the end of the 2008 season.

2. From 2002 to 2008, the Rams drafted 64 players, only 14 are still left. That means 50 players are gone.

3. Of the 22 players acquired (that weren't drafted) since Spags came, 12 have played for the Eagles, Giants, Falcons, and Panthers.



So there you go, some facts that lead to the Rams' demise, Spag's cleanup, and some horrible drafts. Feel free to comment.

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