UPDATE: Week 1 Starters

This time is just starters. Hopefully they can all stick around this year.



A.J. Feeley

- Just don't see Spags starting Bradford Week 1. Bradford can play a series, but I believe Steve has a plan for the young man from Oklahoma. Only the preseason will tell.



Steven Jackson

- Who else? I can easily see another 1,000 yard season, but hopefully more than 4 touchdowns. The key question for me is who is his backup? Is it Ken Darby? Chris Ogbonnaya? Keith Totson? Brian Westbrook? Another FA?



Mike Karney

- No question, just keep plowing the way for SJ39, but I hope he will be more involved in the offense like he was in NO.



Donnie Avery, Laurent Robinson

- My only question is can they stay healthy. If they can, I can see Robinson with more catches, and Avery with more receiving yards. I like that Avery bulked up and Laurent is healthy again. But who is behind them?



Daniel Fells

- Danny could be a major sleeper this season if he also stays healthy. He has to mature a little more but he is better than Randy McMichael, but so is everybody!



Rodger Saffold

- I don't care how much he's getting paid or how much Jason Smith is (or round they were drafted in), just as long as someone is protecting the quarterback's blind side well. From what I'm hearing at Rams Camp, Saffold has looked pretty well while Smith is barely on the field.



Jacob Bell

- No question, just hopes he's healthy!



Jason Brown

- Also no question, thought he should have gotten some consideration for the Pro Bowl when Jamal Jackson couldn't play, but he should continue what he does.



Adam Goldberg

- This is probably the most disputed decision on the offensive line, but I believe Goldberg wins. Coach Steve said he would play the best 5 lineman and I think he's in the top 5.    Others who could start: Hank Fraley, Roger Allen, John Greco



Jason Smith

- PLEASE STAY HEALTHY! Also I honestly don't care if he starts on the right or left side but he should produce. That's what I expect this season.



James Hall

- Hall will do what he has done in past seasons, have 5-7 sacks. Hopefully, one of the 3 rookies can emerge and help James out. Or C.J. Ah You? Victor Adeyanju? The pass rush will not be very good in '10.



Chris Long

- Long should play every snap and I believe he can have a breakout season in 2010. Hopefully, Leonard Little can come back as a situational pass rusher to help the Rams.



Fred Robbins, Clifton Ryan

- Robbins has already helped with the run defense with his 325 pound body, but I hope to see results. Ryan is again the starter and has done a fine job, but to my memory he has never teamed up with a tackle as big as Robbins before. (Farr-Agnew?) Gary Gibson and Darrell Scott also provides depth.



Na'il Diggs

- Diggs is an experienced veteran who knows the defense from his days with Ken Flajole in Carolina. He is better than David Vobora and is pretty good in run defense.



James Laurinaitis

- #55 was great in his rookie season as the defensive captain of the Rams. I believe this season can be better because as he puts it: "Reacting, not thinking." (About the defensive system)



Running Downs: Larry Grant, Passing Downs: Bobby Carpenter

- From what I've heard, Grant is looking good in camp and is big. Carpenter was in the wrong defense in Dallas and the Rams needed more help in the pass defense. Also heard Chris Chamberlain has looked good.



Ron Bartell, Bradley Fletcher

- Bartell was bothered by a thigh injury for some of the year and had about 6 or 7 guys lining up on the other side of the field with him. This year he will have an INT at least. Fletcher also looked good and was emerging but landed on the IR early in the year, but I think he's back for good. Other players at the corner: Nickelback - Kevin Dockery, also Justin King, 3rd round pick Jerome Murphy, Quincy Butler, and Marquis Johnson.



O.J. Atogwe

- The only way if O.J. will be a Ram in 2011 is if he has a Pro Bowl-type year because of his huge roster bonus due. I believe O.J. can have a Pro Bowl-type season, and can be the "King of Turnovers." 



Craig Dahl

- Since it seems like James Butler will be injured until after Opening Day, Dahl is the starter, but I like Dahl better anyways. Dahl is a hard-hitter and that fits the Spags mold. But I also believe Butler is better in pass coverage. At least it's better to have both.



Josh Brown, Donnie Jones, Chris Massey

- No one any better in the league, hands-down.



Thanks for reading, leave any comments you want.



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