Some '09 Review and Thoughts

There's really not one central theme to this post, just a bunch of small things I've noticed and/or want to say about the Rams while I'm awaiting the signing of Sam Bradford.

-  How defense wins championships.

    As many of you know, the Rams only won one game last year.  You may also know that are defense was not good.  But out of all the teams we played, the only team we played that had a worse ranked defense than us, is the only team we beat, the Detroit LionsRelive the moment (and for those of you who didn't see it or don't remember, when you see a Rams interception, look away, it takes a turn for the worse very quickly.) 


-  AJ Feeley could be great for us this year

   I don't know if he will start for us at all, and I don't care (at least for the point I'm trying to convey at the moment), AJ Feeley seems like he could be a very solid addition to the team.  He is a seasoned veteran, who knows the offense very well, and could be instrumental in helping Sam Bradford's development.  I know most of you already knew this, but I mostly wanted to share this interview with him, that really made me like him.  I don't know about you, but when I read it, I was thinking that the guy sounded like a coach, but he'll be on the field which can be very valuable.

-  My Favorite '09 Ram's Game

   While we didn't win the Jacksonville Jaguars game, it was my favorite game and had many of the memorable plays of the season.  I enjoyed it much more than the Lions game which was really just a contest to see who could not lose the game the longest.   Here's the recap of the game.  It had everything, whether you want some Steven Jackson trucking us into OT and dominating would-be tacklers(mostly in the passing game that week), or a heroic play from the grizzled veteran Leonard Little, or even a bad coach decision that IMO cost us the game.  The most impressive stat of this game was that McMichael was targeted 3 times and he had 3 receptions. 

-  More on the Jags game

  If you watch the recap of the game I have linked above, if you watch the play we ran about 10 seconds into the recap (the first play shown) and you watch the play about 3:20 into the video, you'll notice they are the exact same play.  Two wide receivers out left, 1 out to the right, Jackson lined up on the left and a tight end on the left.  The far left receiver motions in a few steps, the TE, slot receiver, and LT, go out like they're blocking for the motioned receiver, then Bulger pump fakes, and they have a wide open screen pass to Jackson on the other side.  It went for 20 yards the first time and 40 yards the second time.  All those short passes and screens the Shurmer ran at least set up that play.  I know we ran multiple other times as well, but don't have video of it.  And watching those highlights really made me thirsty for some real football.  Can't wait for August 14th.


And my parting thoughts:

-Get the Bradford deal done by the end of the day, please.  I need to sleep tonight.

- Sign Danario Alexander on Monday.  Don't let him slip away, he said he wants to play for the Rams, so we know who screwed up if he doesn't.

- Key to beating Arizona week 1: Double Fitzgerald, and stop the run.  Larry's the only receiver good enough to make up for Leinart's inabilities.  We'll also need to find a way to score points.

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