Another Look at the Reciever Corps

I know garrett1442 already posted something about the recievers depth chart and the discussion thread didn't exactly go the way he probably would have wanted so I will take a different spin. Right now with the talk of Terrell Owens being looked at as a possibility to be signed, there is a need to look at the other talent in that unit. Considering the quarterbacks we had throwing to our receivers last year (Bulger, Boller and Null) and the lack of TD receptions and all around ineffectiveness in the red zone I think having Sam Bradford and hopefully a healthy offensive line will help us to be more competent at the position.

IN MY OPINION the recievers should stack up like this:

1. Laurent Robinson: Even though he got injured only 3 games into the season, he was averaging 4.1 receptions, 3.7 first downs and 55.7 yards per game when he got hurt. It would have been nice to see how his numbers would have been had he stayed healthy for the entire season.

2. Brandon Gibson: He was aquired at the halfway point of the season and ended up averaging 3.8 receptions. 2.6 first downs and 38 yards per game with one touchdown. He proved to be the steadiest option the second half of the season.

3. Donnie Avery: He was the only reciever who played all 16 games. His 2.9 catches per game, 36.8 yards per game, 1.7 first downs per game with 5 TD receptions were decent numbers but could show great improvement.

4. Mardy Gilyard: This rookie should be solid in the return game and I sincerely hope that he builds a solid comraderie with Sam Bradford to add a sense of electricity to the offense.

5. Keenan Burton: He played in only 9 games before he got hurt. He averaged 2.8 catches per game, 1.9 first downs per game, 28.1 yards per game and 0 TD's.

6. Danny Amendola: He was solid in the return game which in my opinion made him more valuable than Burton and Foster. He played in 14 games and averaged 3.1 catches, 1.4 first downs and 23.3 yards per game. Just wondering how Gilyard's prescence will affect his ability to stay on the roster.

7. Brooks Foster: Out all season due to injury. Jury is still out on him.

If we were to sign Terrell Owens and have Laurent Robinson, Brandon Gibson, Donnie Avery and Mardy Gilyard all healthy and competing and then let Burton, Amendola and Foster battle it out for the sixth spot, I believe we will have a solid corps of recievers to help Bradford and the rest of the offense develop.

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