Flying a Plane Is the Best Experience, Ever - @Kevin_Payne


(THAT'S how I look when I'm scared (Haha!) You see those eyes buggin'? ;-)

As a child growing up, there were two things I always dreamed of doing:

1. Becoming a pro football player

2. Flying an airplane

I'm a Ram, so I must've accomplished number one.  But number two -- I never got around to doing that ...until recently.

For the longest time, I've thought about how cool it would be to fly an airplane, and finally - thanks to a friend of a friend - I was able to find an opportunity to make this dream come true.  And, to make things even sweeter, I was able to bring some friends with me.     

Once we arrived at airport - I'm not gonna lie - I found myself feeling a little scared.  I don't know why, but I was suddenly real apprehensive about getting up there.  So I did what any good friend would do and made my buddies risk their lives first (Haha).  I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to be the first person something went wrong with ;-)

Each one of my friends flew around for about ten minutes, and after one of them would land, they'd jump out of the plane lookin' like they just had the experience of a lifetime.  Seeing them safe and sound on the ground with smiles on their faces definitely helped me build up my confidence.

Then it was my turn go up.  And man... It was like all that confidence I had gained just disappeared.  One of my friends took a picture of me after I had first gotten in the plane, and you can tell how bugged out I was.  Like, literally, my eyes were bugging out of my head, because I was so zoned-in on the instructor as I paid attention to what he was teaching me.  After seeing that picture, myself, I really did look like I had just seen a ghost.

Finally, we took off.  And to my surprise - after like two minutes or so - I actually became very comfortable up there.  I realized, real quickly, that flying a plane was a lot like driving a car, and the more I came to terms with that, the more relaxed I became.  No longer did I look like a ghost had taken over my body - I was laid back and enjoying how peaceful the entire experience was. 

When we went into the air, sunset was starting to settle in, so our view of the world around us was absolutely amazing.  There I was -- up there in the air -- just gliding around -- and I'd look to the west and see the Chicago skyline; then I'd quickly glance to the east and see Milwaukee going to sleep.  Never before had all my senses felt like they were on such high-alert.  Even the sounds of the plane gave me a meditative experience.

Just imagine being able to make an hour and a half trip by plane that would take six hours by car, AND enjoy every single minute of the ride - to do that would just be amazing.  And because that sounds so great, I'm actually giving the thought of purchasing one of these small planes some serious consideration, because - believe me when I say this - flying truly is the best experience, ever.  You guys gotta give it a shot, yourselves.

QUESTION: Do any of you know of a place where I can take flying lessons?  If you do, get at me on Facebook.


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