Atogwe's value to the Rams: Random Ramsdom, 6/24

So much for a slow summer day yesterday. The St. Louis Rams finally re-signed FS Oshiomogho Atogwe after a rather firm approach to his RFA status that seemed, to me anyway, to make it all but certain that Atogwe would be playing somewhere else this season. 

That's why I don't gamble. 

The Atogwe situation and the debate around his asking price stirred up all kinds of discussion as to just what Atogwe's value was at free safety. He's a good player with a nose for the ball, but lacks a little bit when playing in the box. Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. had this to say about OJ yesterday:

Atogwe, however, is a one-dimensional player who doesn’t excel out of his element, which is deep patrol. He is not much of a presence against the run, isn’t particularly adept at coming up to the line of scrimmage and playing man coverage against a quick slot receiver and is not a punishing, intimidating hitter who sets the tone for his team.

Versatile do-it-all safeties are all the rage in the NFL, and that’s why Atogwe was not more coveted on the open market.

With what should be a stable group of cornerbacks this season, Togs can really help complete the Rams secondary by giving them a presence against deep strikes and, perhaps just as important, a player that can create takeaways and give his team an opportunity to steal a game here and there. We've seen it before; remember that surprise win against the Redskins in 2008? The Rams' secondary could quietly be a very real strength for the defense.

You saw the news that Marc Bulger had signed a one-year deal worth $3.8 million with the Baltimore Ravens. Not a bad move for the Ravens and Bulger. An established team gets a veteran backup for a young, talented QB. Of course, how much Bulger has left after years of abuse under center for the Rams remains to be seen. Even with better protection for a while last year, it was painfully clear that he was missing a little something. Will he get it back? Does he need to get it back? Baltimore is the kind of team that can win a game despite a backup QB starting for them. Troy Smith might be a little worried

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The Rams have finally released their training camp schedule. It includes 28 open practices and a Aug. 7 scrimmage at Lindenwood University. Any interest in a TST meet up for the scrimmage? Holler at me in the comments. This might be a good opportunity to have a little face-to-face TST time.

Spagnuolo confirmed that the Rams have "talked about" some players available in the NFL supplemental draft. 

Those of you interested in NCAA conference realignment might dig this: Sam Bradford's old school, Oklahoma, was indeed made an offer by the SEC, along with Texas A&M. To me Texas and OU made sense for the SEC, but that would have made for a ridiculously powerful conference, maybe too powerful of a conference. 

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