Bradford gets it: Random Ramsdom, 6/18

At some point the St. Louis Rams are going to invest a ton on money in first overall pick Sam Bradford. Though the dotted line has yet to be signed, he'll become the highest paid player in the NFL with one flick of the wrist. The contract is the official part, the Rams and their fans have already invested significantly in the former Oklahoma QB as the future of their franchise. And how's the future looking less than two months removed from the draft? So far, so good.

The Rams wrapped up their OTAs yesterday and sent the players on their way with plans to get back together late next month when training camp starts. Bradford expressed a high level of confidence in his grasp of the playbook, which the Rams went much further into than they did this time last year, as well as his personal assurance in the team around him. The man himself:

I think there's a lot of talent, and I think we're going in the right direction.

It's a good sign that Spagnuolo and the offensive staff got deeper into the playbook. Obviously, the receivers have another year in the system, allowing them to work more with the script and hopefully make a big difference on the field. Looking at the QBs...Feeley got most of the spring work with the first team, as expected. He came to the Rams with what should be an intimate familiarity with Pat Shurmur's playbook. Feeley's not exactly the guy you want under center for 16 games, but this does help the young players get up to speed, not mention Sam Bradford. As for the increased exposure to the playbook and the team's rookie QB, it does reaffirm the scouting reports about Bradford football acumen and his talent level. I'll be anxious to see how he's looking in camp. 

Now some linkage...

Spagnuolo gives the team's spring practices high marks

According to a report at PFT, 14 teams will attend Harvey Unga's workout ahead of the NFL Supplemental Draft. Will the Rams be one of them? That depends. Unga ran afoul of BYU's honor code for premarital sex. A big deal at the LDS affiliated BYU; de rigueur at Miami. It's not as though it's a huge hit to the four pillars. To me, it's more about how well he fits and what his true talent really is. 

If you're around Junction City, Arkansas, take the kids to Rams S and friend of TST Kevin Payne's Football Fundamentals Camp. It starts on July 17.

Alright, I'm going to watch USA take on Slovenia in their second game of the World Cup. 

Oh, and check back a little later, I have some cool fantasy football news to share with you.

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