Fanhood taken to the next level!

At a point in the year where people are questioning the Front Office, questioning their loyalty, denouncing their fanhood for the St. Louis Rams, I have chosen a path less taken.  My fanhood has strengthened.  I can't say I was the happiest with this last draft, let alone the FA activity, however I took a step back to put things in perspective.  I came to realize that we are slowly adding key pieces that will be around for awhile.  One of those pieces is a guy that we were all happy with this last year....his rookie season.  A guy that I have been keeping a close eye on since his Sophmore year in college and I was really happy that he landed with the Rams in the 2nd round.  A guy that I expect to be leading our Defense for years to come.  Thats right James Laurinaitis! So the other day I find myself on ebay scouring the Rams items to see what the hell I would want to pick up.  

Rams Cuffs...No

Rams necklace...No 

Jerome Bettis Jersey...well...No

Then I track down a James Laurinaitis autographed jersey from Ohio State, with a day left.  At $19.99 and still no action, I was like "ok I'll keep an eye on."  Next day rolls around, and I rush home to see where the auction is at.  $25.00  with an hour left.  I am thinking there has to be something wrong with this jersey.  I check the sellers rating and they have a perfect 100% satisfaction rating.  I go to their website, and everything seems legit- They mainly specialize with sports teams in Ohio (Ohio State, Clevland Browns, Cavs, etc.), they get their stuff at signings and sporting events.  Then I look and see that they have a certificate of authenticity.  I then compare the signature to other JL signatures and it checks out.  At this point I am pumped.  As the clock is clicking down to 3 minutes there is all of a sudden a flurry of activity, and I watch the price shoot from $25 to $51 (still really cheap).  As the clock clicks down to 12 seconds the Taradactel swoops in and steals the show.  I walk away with an autographed James Laurinaitis Jersey for $62.  Not sure what made me even want an autographed jersey, but I figure at the very least when my girl and I get our house I can pin the jersey up in the MAN CAVE and showoff the fanhood!   


It reads 4-0 VS Michigan....(kinda a big rivalry) and 3x All-American (not a bad accomplishment)

The way I see it, I fill multiple needs here:


1. Fill Football fix during a slow point in the year.

2. Fill a Rams fix during the off season.

3. Pick up a piece of Animal Jr. History

4. Plus I'm tired of looking at houses I don't want.
Cheers Rams fans!

-The EBAY bandito

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