Potential Running Backs that might shake loose before the start of the season.


We are obviously all aware that one major hole in our team is that of backup to Steven Jackson. It got me thinking who out there might be either cut or put up as trade bait. There are a few teams out there with multiple RB’s who could legitimately vie for a starting gig. Obviously not all these players are gonna become available but I do feel at least some would be available either as free agents or available for a fair price in a trade.


Buffalo: Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch

Buffalo selected CJ Spiller in the first round of the draft  and also picked up Joique Bell as an undrafted free agent. Reports said that Buffalo weren’t looking to trade Lynch but you’d have to feel that either Jackson or Lynch will become the odd man out there.


Cleveland: Peyton Hillis, Jerome Harrison

While its unlikely that either of these will become available Cleveland do have an interesting dilemma. Hillis is a ball carrying fullback who was part of the Bronco’s trade for Brady Quinn. While not putting up big numbers in his career he has shown some talent with the ball in his hands. My assumption is that they keep him but with Josh Cribbs probably taking more and more carries to justify his new contract and the drafting in the 2nd round of Montario Hardesty there is always the possibility that they allow Harrison to not sign his 2nd round RFA tender and become a free agent.


New England: Kevin Faulk, Sammy Morris, Fred Taylor

New England loves its running back by committee but you know they love draft picks more. Its like catnip to the Pats. I’m not sure any of these are worth a draft pick especially as they are all 33+ but they are all serviceable running backs who had respectable stats last year. I’d maybe see about how much the Pats fancy Benjarvus Green-Ellis and what he’d cost.


Seattle: LenDale White, Julius Jones, Justin Forsett, Leon Washington, Quinton Ganther

Now realistically one probably two of these shake loose. They traded for White and Washington so unless they see something they really don’t like you’d have to fancy them to be retained. Quinton Ganther maybe released but you’d have to think he’d the happier of all the remaining three to sit most of the time and would do ok as a bruiser. That could lead to Julius Jones and/or Justin Forsett being surplus to requirements. I’d be happy to have either of them to back Jackson up.


Washington: Clinton Portis, Willie Parker, Larry Johnson

When they invite Brian Westbrook in for a visit you begin to wonder if they want a who’s who of running backs or that someone is gonna be gone from that group. Start dropping any passes from McNabb in practice and that guy is first out of the door. We all know how Donovan stands by his teammates and takes his share of the responsibility lol.


There are a few in free agency still floating around such as Justin Fargas though you have to believe if we were really interested in him we’d have heard something by now.


Now I appreciate that a good share of these are unrealistic and there may be countless things I have missed out (contract situations, injuries etc). These are just a few of the names out there that seemed like they’d be in a situation where a deal could be done

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