5 Main Reasons Why Sam Bradford Should Start Day 1




With the 1st pick of the 2010 NFL Draft the STL Ram's select Sam Bradford from Oklahoma. Many fans were stunned how could we choose a man who spent the majority of his college career

watching his team play just like we did. How dare the Ram's not choose Suh or Dez Bryant. This team needs talent it don't need a fragile QB that's a wasted pick.

    Hell I was thinking the same thing especially being a Texas Longhorns fan for the last 4 years. But none of that matters now we can piss and moan but we are stuck with this guy but hey if I can warm up to us selecting Sam Bradford you guys should be two. I mean he did have surgery by one of the best doctors when it comes to sports medicine especially with shoulders, even though we didn't see him play for a while did you see his workout man that was great. All that is besides the point now we are just worried about two things his first NFL sack and his first regular season start and in this blog I will explain why it should be sooner than later.

5. For the fans

This isn't the Greatest Show On Turf this is the 2010 Ram's who have owner issues worry's about our star running back, a defense that couldn't scare the Cleveland Browns. Plus let's not forget the fate that we won 6 games in the last 3 years. I think it's sad when the last good memory Ram fans have is Kurt Warner and us almost winning the Superbowl against the Patriots. Or Marc Bulger almost beating the Saints last year I mean damn, that is pathetic. Plus there also is the fact that most of our games are blacked out and I can't remember the last time I seen us have good attendance.

A franchise QB will change that. I mean look at what Tebow is doing leading jersey sales. The first game of the season is sold out and most likely he isn't going to play. Ram fans who were on the fence about buying a ticket would buy to see Sam Bradford play his first game. Just think about when he wins his first game everyone would be  happy. Plus, last year fans were screaming for Null over two NFL veterans. That is horrible, I think they owe us something for that.

4. Front office job security

So basically everybody has been speculating that one of the driving forces of the Rams drafting Sam Bradford is because our Front Office might get the pink slip noticeably (Billy Devaney). It would be pretty easy for him to go up to whoever the new owner is, show him everything that he done so far and add, "oh I drafted that Sam Bradford kid and he really started picking up during the season". Plus, if our new owner starts cleaning up house that will probably mean that Spags and our offensive coordinator are gone, I mean look at Jason Campbell, Alex Smith and our own Marc Bulger to see how that goes.

3.. Our current Quarterback state

A.J Feeley has been on 6 teams since 2001, he is a career back up at best. After him we have the one and only Keith Null he is an intriguing option but if he was so good we wouldn't have Sam Bradford Keith Null may end up a starter somewhere but after last year he still isn't ready to lead a team. If you telling me that these QB's will open up the box for Steven Jackson then you must be crazy.

2. Our schedule

 Three of our first four games are at home, and they are winnable. Talk about having a favorable schedule to bring a rookie Quarterback into. His first game is at home against the Cardinals followed by Raiders at their field it should be a good game against a good defense but he can't be sheltered if he can have good games at home and at Raiders field that should help build up confidence. The next two games will be tougher but he won't be going against elite competition in the Redskins and Seahawks all things considered if he can do well up towards the bye week.

We will have momentum and maybe even hope the rest of our games are winnable if we keep improving I can see us winning more games after the bye week but that's after Sam Bradford goes through his lumps in the beginning. Hopefully when December comes if we aren't in playoff contention we can mess up one of our division foes chances that's always a nice consolation prize.


1.  Team morale

If Sam Bradford play's hell everyone on the team will be ready to play with him. I mean if we start the season with Keith Null or A.J Feeley how do you think our team will respond in the fourth quarter knowing that the real quarterback is on the sidelines. I mean I know we all hope they play hard but reality is who would go into a game thinking that A.J Feeley going to lead us down the field and score a touchdown for us?


That is why we need to start Sam Bradford, I mean it would be silly not to play with him because your afraid he will get injuried if that was the case we would have drafted Suh. If Sam Bradford is mental ready to play football he got the plays down let him go out there and show us fans and players that he is indeed the future of our franchise.

This time next year we won't be looking towards our past with memories of Bulger failed drive, our The greatest Show On Turf we will be looking towards our bright future with our new commander in horns Sam Bradford and in my opinion it's about damn time.

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