Some more thoughts on the draft!

I have had a few days to digest the draft and even though I am still a bit angry that OLB was not addressed, and DE was addressed so late, I am starting to warm up to the draft overall.  I was able to read an article about the draft, that had some interesting quotes by Billy D.  They lead me to think things didn't go as he had hoped but overall he is satisfied:

"Obviously, we're not any different than the 31 other teams going into the draft. Do you fill every need going in? Of course not. You miss on some guys. Every team will tell you the same thing if you ask. There are guys that went right before (you) in the round, so you don't fill everything."


"But right now, I feel like with the pass rushers and corners, and skill people we got, I feel good about the way the whole thing went. Was it perfect? Of course not. No draft is ever perfect, but I feel great about the way the three days went."

Take those comments for what there worth.  There was one coment that bothered me...a lot:

"It's a project in the truest sense," Devaney said of Onobun. "But he's big, he caught the ball great. ... So at this point (in the draft), why not?"

Maybe because you still have not sufficiently addressed some other needs like OLB, DE or back up RB.  So when I see guys like Anthony Dixon, Greg Hardy, and Jonathon Dwyer sitting there, I do not think a project at a position that you just addressed the round before is the best route.   

Anyhow, typically when a team can walk away from a draft with 2-3 quality starters, it is considered a success.  Unfortunately, we are in a different position than most.  We not only need quality starters, but also quality depth at many positions.  If we come out of this draft with 3 quality starters and more importantly if Sam Bradford works out well, I will be happy.  I think many of these picks will prove to be a waste, but thats the way the cookie crumbles.  

Last part is -I wanted to list guys that we passed on for our picks.  I know that time will only tell, so here are some names to keep an eye out for during the next few seasons:

1st round  (not too much here considering we went after the franchise QB):


2nd round:

Sergio Kindle

Lamar Houston

Daryl Washington

Taylor Mays

Jimmy Clausen

Carlos Dunlap

Brandon Spikes 

Charles Brown

3rd Round

Amari Spievey

Myron Lewis

Ed Dickson

Colt McCoy

Navarro Bowman

4th round 

Everson Griffen

Corey Wooten

Joe McKnight

Aaron Hernandez

Dennis Pita

Roddrick Muckelroy

5th round

Perrish Cox

Cam Thomas

Arthur Jones

6th round

Anthony Dixon

Greg Hardy

Jonathon Dwyer

Dezmon Briscoe

Myron Rolle

7th round

Kyle Calloway

Dekoda Watson

Dorin Dickerson

CJ Wilson

Disclaimer: (I am not saying we should have drafted everyone of these guys, but the guys I liked and hoped for are in there)

Now, I'm not going to go through and list my ideal draft because hindsight is 20/20 and that just wouldn't be fair.  However, there was talent available in every round of this rich draft.  This was a unique draft and I'm glad we had so many picks.  

There are still a few guys that have not found homes that I will be keeping an eye on to see where they end up:

QB Jevan Sneed

RB Chris Brown

WR Danario Alexander

WR Freddie Barnes

OT Ciron Black (I think he will make a good OG at the next level)

DE Antonio Coleman

DE Brandon Sharpe

CB Donovan Warren

SS Will Harris

LB Kion Wilson

I love and hate this time of the year.  i check this damn site too many times a day and I am constantly looking to see what players are released and if they could benefit the Rams.  Good times y'all.  

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