Rams add Hall Davis with 149th pick

via www.rookiedraft.com

The Rams just added a DE to their draft choices, getting Hall Davis out of Louisiana-Lafayette. He put up respectable numbers in the combine, but had to leave due to injury. He was projected as a 4th-5th round prospect by most, so a mid-low fifth rounder seems like just the right place that he would go.

National Football Post has this to say about him:

A well-built defensive end prospect who has some power and suddenness on contact. However, plays too upright and doesn't show me the burst needed to be a big-time pass rusher in the NFL.

He's a decent sized DE, and with Spags' pedigree, he should fit the mold of Darrell Scott-like project, who can probably contribute his first year.

[Note by VanRam, 04/24/10 1:03 PM EDT ] This sounds like the kind of guy who could really thrive under good coaches who can correct his flaws, as ram_rod pointed out above.

Here's a couple highlights from his CBS scouting report:

Pass rush: Looks the part of a strong pass rusher, with nice length and a strong upper-body build. Often plays standing up. Uses his long arms to push lesser tackles back toward the quarterback and flashes the violent hands to shake off the tackle, but does neither consistently. Agile enough to pressure bootlegs run to his side of the field. Needs counter pass rush moves; right now is a one-trick pony outside rusher. Will dance in front of defender instead of taking him on. Looks lost when dropped into coverage but has the athleticism to chase the ball in his zone.

Run defense: Has the agility to keep containment on his side of the field, even on misdirection plays, whether or not he is engaged. Can swipe away oncoming blockers, but gets pushed out of the play too easily when engaged instead of holding his ground on the edge. Gets skinny between doubles to free himself. Instincts are questionable; will take false steps and hesitate, but often got away with it against lesser competition. Lacks great ball awareness.

Explosion: Good, not great, first step off the edge. It would be easy to see him improve in this area with coaching and when given the green light to attack the passer. Hesitates when meeting blockers instead of using his length and strength to bowl them over.

He was graded to be on the boarder for 4th or 5th round prospect. GIven what the Rams were able to get out of undrafted defensive lineman like C.J. Ah You and Gary Gibson last season, this could be an interesting addition. 

It's notable that he was invited to the Combine this year (though he left early with an injury)  coming from the Sun Belt Conference. 

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