Day 3 and options

First, let me apologise for my negativity last night over the choice an OT and a CB. My childish tantrum is over and my having spat my dummy out I am happy to report that it has now safely been returned to me. I know the FO know better than I do, and they will have a plan in place over who will get chosen today; our biggest day with 7 picks.

Still, looking at our weaknesses and needs percevied by us fans before the draft (OLB, DE, DT, TE & back up RB), there are still a number of good potential picks remaining, and some that could be considered starters even late into the draft.

At OLB, the top few prospects have gone, but there are still good players remaining. Dekota Watson, A.J. Edds, Perry Riley, Rodderick Muckelroy and Kavell Conner are all still remaining, and would at the very least would compete for the starting jobs. I pressume we pick one of these as the prospect of Diggs and Vorbora starting all year with zero depth appears suicidal to me.

The TE's available still look attractive. We can have our pick of Dennis Pitta, Aaron Hernandez, Dorin Dickerson, Garrett Graham and Nate Byham. If we snag one of these before the end of the draft then our QB may not have to spend the whole season handing off to SJax.

You know you are in a deep draft when at the top of the 4th round you are still looking to have players the quality of Everson Griffen, Corey Wooten and Austen Lane available at DE. Later, we still have the choice of Brandon Lang, C.J. Wilson, Greg Hardy, Lindsey Witten and Alex Daniels. Therefore we have good options still avaiable and it does not look like Chris Long will be the only player on our D Line with the potential to actually get to the other sides QB.

NB: unless we can convince the Giants to take a 7th for Osi, they can keep their rejects and we will pick for the future given the depth here.

DT is another matter though. Good prospects are available in Cam Thomas and Al Woods, but after them we are looking at Geno Atkins, Jeff Owens, Arthur Jones and Nate Collins. If we don't get one with our pick in the 4th, a pick that could be very well used on another need, then I think we have have probably missed the boat on a DT this year. If we take a decent DE, Gibson, Scott, Ryan and Robbins may prove okay for a year in the rotation, even if it failes to provide any real excitement.

Finally, the stongest position left in my opinion is RB. With Jonathon Dwyer, Joe McKnight, Lonyae Miller, Anthony Dixon, James Starks, Chales Scott, LeGarrette Blount and many more available it just shows crazy depth here. Any one of these would be great to take the pressure off SJax. If we don't get a RB and ruin SJax by running him into he ground because we selected Bradford and had to (over?) protect him, I'm afraid I'll end up resenting Bradford a bit until he wins us a Super Bowl.

So, there we are. While the draft may not have gone as expected by some of the TST community, there are still starting prospects out there to address our needs, and if we can create some more picks (Barron for a 6th anyone?) we can still get a roster packed with potential and I'm not ready to call this draft a fail yet. If we come out a deep defensive draft without a D Line starter, the most expensive rookie QB to in a WC Offense without a catching TE, and later fail to sign Atogwe, that opinion is likely change though.

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