The Rams Need to Trade Down

One round has passed and you can look at this from a positive or a negative point of view.  The negative first: We could have drafted Suh and Clausen/McCoy without having to trade up.  This is true, but there is no way we could have predicted this so I'm not sure the best strategy would have been to plan like this.

The positive: Well, we have the table open for trades.  And its not just trading that makes this pick valuable either.  Here's the situation if your Mike Holmgren (Cleveland), Scott Pioli (Kansas City), or Al Davis (Oakland).  They would love to get the great valuable pick of Clausen or even McCoy, but there is a dilemna.  The Minnesota Vikings have the 34th pick and they are in the big hole that is Brett Favre.


Favre is probably coming back, but what to do after?  Tavaris Jackson clearly isn't the future and neither is Sage Rosenfels so the Vikings need to find a young replacement.  All of a sudden, they are guaranteed either McCoy or Clausen if they want to.  Even if they aren't aiming to get either player, from an outside perspective, it might as damn well be that way.


I picked those three teams for a reason now.  One, Oakland has Jamarcus Russell.  I believe the only reason they passed Clausen the first time was because they didn't need two massive contracts at one position.  Well, at 33rd overall, the contract is manageable, especially for what is considered a francise QB in Clausen.


Kansas City has offensive coordinator Charlie Weis (who cough cough recruited and coached Clausen) and I'm sure he will be pressing to get Clausen.  Pioli is all about getting replacements from within and from the draft.  Clausen is the only guy he can draft who fits both profiles.


And Cleveland has Jake Delhomme, who is 35 and close to retirement, and Seneca Wallace, who will always be a backup.  So they have the system in place for McCoy or Clausen to get tutored by one of the nicest guys in the league, Jake Delhomme.  Perfect scenario.


My point.  Well, all three of these teams will probably not have a choice unless they trade up.  Its hard to tell where the Vikings are thinking on this one, but I would guess Clausen.  If your Kansas City, that makes a trade necessary.  The other two teams I'm sure value Clausen better as well.


What's the problem?  One of them will just let the yet-to-be drafted of the two fall to their laps.  I doubt that would work out.  They are competing against each other so they won't sit back and hope they fall.  If you really want him, you need to trade up, cause if you don't, one of the other two teams will.  At least, this is the thought process of the GMs of those respective teams.


So we trade down to one of them and hopefully get a 3rd rounder and a 2nd rounder at the least.  We have no one we absolutely want right now and its beneficial to get more picks so we can draft players we do want.

So let's be super conservative and say the Rams get a 2nd round this year and 3rd round this year (we'd probably get more however).  Well, they draft Brian Price/Griffen/Cody/Kindle combination or a receiver  six, seven picks later.  (One of them would be available, remember the next two picks are QBs right off the bat)


In the 3rd round, we get Navarro Bowman if he's there and if we can ignore his legal issues (which reports say Devany has softened his policy a bit).  Later in the 3rd, the one from the trade down, we can pick up the BPA from one of our positions of need.


Basically, the Rams are in a win-win situation.  Unless they are in love with Kindle, I just don't see why they shouldn't trade down.  Not to mention the fact that they get basically the same selection of guys six picks later or so.


The Rams can add to the potential franchise starting QB of the future in Sam Bradford.  We had a good Day One.  Hell, we drafted the best QB in the draft when we have no one currently filled to replace.


The Rams can have a spectacular, franchise-changing Day 2 by trading down and only by trading down.  The Rams need to do this.  They owe it to us.  We've seen seven consecutive terrible drafts (pre-'08) and have yet to see a great one (barring someone other than Chris Long stepping up in from '08 draft).  This is the time to do it.  We have the picks and the want from other teams to do it.  What's stopping them!  Do it already.


taken from St. Louis Sports

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