TST Community Mock Draft: stlcardsfan4

Well, yeh I began my NFL Prospects: Safety, but most of it got deleted so I decided to not do it.  Anyway my mock draft is below complete with explanations and team needs plus who was predicted in Peter King's mock, Mel Kiper's mock, Todd McShay, and Walter Football.

1. St. Louis Rams select QB Sam Bradford of Oklahoma

Team Needs: QB, DE, WLB, TE, RB #2, RT, WR

Consensus: All chose Bradford (Even Walter Football but they did say, "If [Mike Holmgren] wanted a signal-caller so bad, he would just select Jimmy Clausen.....)

Reason: First off, the Rams need a quarterback, and I (and the Rams) believe Bradford will be a franchise QB.  Now, he was cleared medically so I don't see any negatives to drafting him (besides the obvious of course).

2. Detroit Lions select DT NDamukong Suh of Nebraska

Team Needs: G, DT, WR, TE

Consensus: All chose Ndamukong Suh (Although WF wants them to draft Okung... 10 reasons why)

Reasoning: Well, this has been Okung for me all along, but then I researched, researched, and researched and... well the Lions will take Suh.  The icing that convinced me was that Pride of Detroit believes they'll take Suh like we believe the Rams will take Bradford.

3. Tampa Bay Bucaneers select DT Gerald McCoy of Oklahoma

Team Needs: DE, CB, WR, T

Consensus: All chose McCoy... man you would think this would be a done deal

Reasoning: Well, the Buccaneers need help at defensive line, even if its not specifically defensive tackle.  Not to mention McCoy is the best on the board.

4. Washington Redskins select OT Russell Okung of Oklahoma State

Team Needs: ILB, DE, CB, S, OL

Consensus: WF, McShay, and Kiper chose Okung

Dissenting Opinion: Peter King of SI chose Trent Willimas (but he thinks they'll trade down to get a QB)

Reasoning: Well, the Redskins need some offensive line help and Okung is the best... Eric Berry could be a sleeper here

5. Kansas City Chiefs select OT Bryan Baluaga of Iowa

Team Needs:LT, G, S, LB, WR

Consensus: Baluaga by McShay, King, and WF

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper chose Berry because he is the best player on the draft

Reasoning: Well, two things sold me: one, the Chiefs need to replace three starters on the offensive line and to me that's desperate need for a tackle... well Baluaga... the other apparantly Berry is a longshot to get drafted (source: WF and King)

6. Seattle Seahawks select S Eric Berry of Tennessee

Team Needs: OT, RB, WR, DE

Consensus: Trent Williams chosen by WF and Kiper

Dissenting Opinion: McShay chose Berry because he was best available; King chose Okung because... well I'm not sure why Okung is still on his draft board at this point

Reasoning: Well, here's my reasoning: Eric Berry is the best safety in the draft, arguably the best defensive player.... or they could get the third best lineman... But they can find another tackle at 14, but not another Eric Berry

7. Cleveland Browns select NT Dan Williams of Tennessee

Team Needs: LB, S, CB, QB

Consensus: WF and King both chose Berry here... unfortunately he's gone for me

Dissenting Opinion: McShay chose Williams and Kiper chose Bryant

Reasoning: I don't see Clausen getting picked because the Browns believe Quinn is good enough and I don't see Bryant getting pick this high with his character concerns..... this was the hardest by far... consider me stumped

8. Oakland Raiders select QB Jimmy Clausen of Notre Dame

Team Needs: T, QB, DT, LB

Consensus: None... all four went different directions

Dissenting Opinion: King inexplicably went with Anthony Davis (that's a head scratcher), WF is still convinced Al Davis will put Bruce Campbell here (I shouldn't doubt Davis though), and McShay picked Trent Williams.... Kiper agreed with me

Reasoning: Jamarcus Russell, Jamarcus Russell.... Jamarcus Russell is also a reason not to get him (contract!).... they do need a tackle bad though so I could see them getting one of those three tackles

9. Buffalo Bills select T Trent Williams of Oklahoma

Team Needs: NT, OT, QB

Consensus: Dan Williams was picked by King and WF

Dissenting Opinion: McShay went with Anthony Davis, although Williams is gone in his draft..... Kiper went with Buluaga, who is gone in my draft

Reasoning: Well, they need a QB and a NT more but Clausen and Dan Williams have already been picked.... Williams is best tackle left on board

10. Jacksonville Jaguars select DE Derrick Morgan of Georgia Tech 

Team Needs: QB, G, DE

Consensus: CJ Spiller is chosen by King and Kiper

Dissenting Opinion: McShay picked Earl Thomas which would make sense if they needed a safety (they do, but its not a big priority)... Walter Football agreed with me on this one

Reasoning: They swang and miss on Derrick Harvey recently and badly need a DE and I just don't see Derrick Morgan becoming a bust

11. Denver Broncos select LB Rolando McClain of Alabama

Team Needs: G, C, DT, LB, WR

Consensus: Well, technically no one... but King made things complicated by predicted a trade between them and NYG where NYG selects McClain. .. McShay also predicted this but by Denver

Dissenting Opinion: WF believes they will trade down to get Pouncey, King believes they'll trade down to get Brandon Graham, and Kiper believes Thomas will be the pick

Reasoning: Quite simple actually... the best ILB in the draft to headline a new 3-4 scheme 

12. Miami Dolphins select S Earl Thomas of Texas Longhorns

Team Needs: WR, NT, ILB, S

Consensus: Two Derrick Morgans here by King and McShay.... of course he's off the board for me

Dissenting Opinion: WF for some reason has Jerry Hughes.... of course they say they'll trade down but I don't really get this and Kiper selects Dan Williams

Reasoning: Dez Bryant was my choice, that is until they got Brandon Marshall.... then I went with Thomas simply because there was a need and he's the best available for me (defensively)

13. San Fransico 49ers select CB Joe Haden of Florida

Team Needs: RT, QB, OLB, S, CB

Consensus: Haden was chosen by King, Kiper, and WF

Dissenting Opinion: McShay says Sergio Kindle which is possible as they need an OLB, but I don't see it

Reasoning: Best CB in the draft easily and they have a need at CB 

14. Seattle Seahawks select RB CJ Spiller of Clemson

Team Needs: OT, RB, WR, DE

Consensus: CJ Spiller is the only player to acheive two different consensus picks.... weird by WF and McShay

Dissenting Opinion: King thinks they'll go with Clausen (he's of course, gone for me), and Kiper thinks they'll select Morgan, who again is gone for me

Reasoning: Who was there RB last year?  This is a serious question and despite what's his name exploding off the Rams, I still think the need is here and Spiller falls to them

15. New York Giants select G Mike Iupati of Idaho

Team Needs: S, OL, LB

Consensus: Rolando McClain was chosen by Kiper and Walter Football..... McClain was also chosen by King, but at the 11th spot after a trade with the Broncos

Dissenting Opinion: McShay goes with Iupati... Brandon Graham goes to Broncos after trade at 15th overall

Reasoning: Well, I honestly doubt this happens, but when all of their prospective choices fall before they reach..... I think a trade up will happen 

16. Tennessee Titans select DE Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida

Team Needs: DE, CB, LB, G/C

Consensus: Everyone chose Pierre-Paul...

Dissenting Opinion: None

Reasoning: Well, apparantly he's a perfect fit for the Titans and I really don't know who else they would choose

17. San Fransico 49ers select T Anthony Davis of Rutgers

Team Needs: RT, QB, OLB, S, CB

Consensus: The majority went with Anthony Davis, which was from WF and Kiper

Dissenting Opinion: King went with Iupati, which I don't really see happening, and McShay went with Clausen which is a head-scratcher 

Reasoning: They badly need a right tackle and Davis provides this

18. Pittsburgh Steelers select C Maurkice Pouncey of Florida

Team Needs: G, C, QB (jk... or am I?), CB
Consensus: Pouncey, by King and the ESPN blood brothers

Dissenting Opinion: WF thinks they'll go with Kyle Wilson because they believe he is the BPA

Reasoning: Well, they need offensive line help and while I'm not sure Pouncey isn't a reach, they probably need him bad enough to warrant it  

19. Atlanta Falcons select DE/OLB Brandon Graham of Michigan

Team Needs: DE, CB, OL

Consensus: Graham chosen by the blood brothers and WF

Dissenting Opinion: King thinks they'll get Earl Thomas... if he's here, they probably will

Reasoning: They need a pass rusher and while Weatherspoon could be picked, Graham is a true pass rusher.... I wouldn't though, Graham seems like a bust to me

20. Houston Texans select RB Ryan Matthews of Fresno State 

Team Needs: S, DT, RB, G

Consensus: Kyle Wilson by King and McShay

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper still thinks cornerback, but Haden who I doubt will still be available, and WF agrees with me

Reasoning: Well, I've read they need a big bruising back to pair with Steve Slaton to make their rushing attack potent.... Ryan Matthews epitomizes this

21. Cincinnati Bengals select WR Dez Bryant of Oklahoma State

Team Needs: WR, TE

Consensus: Gresham by King, who still doesn't have Bryant selected, and Kiper, who has him selected 7th

Dissenting Opinion: McShay has Bryant here and WF has Taylor Mays....

Reasoning: The Bengals are the Bengals and will have no quarries select this character threat, not to mention a glaring hole at WR

22. New England Patriots select OLB Sergio Kindle of Texas

Team Needs: OLB, DE, WR, TE

Consensus: Dez Bryant actually, by WF and King... I personally think this would be an odd pairing

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper has Kindle and McShay has Everson Griffen

Reasoning: I chose Kindle because, like Kiper said, the Pats love versatility and Kindle could play DE or OLB

23. Green Pay Packers select OT Charles Brown of USC

Team Needs: OT, OLB, CB

Consensus: Charles Brown by WF and McShay

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper thinks they'll get Iupati, who I have gone, and King thinks they'll get Kindle, who I also have gone

Reasoning: Well, the Packers offensive line is suprisingly bad considering how good they were last year.... wonder what they'll do with a good offensive line

24. Philadelphia Eagles select select Kareem Jackson of Alabama

Team Needs: CB, S, DL

Consensus: There was none, although the Blood Brothers thought they'd go cornerback

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper went Jackson like me and McShay went with Kyle Wilson; WF went with Earl Thomas, and King went with Matthews

Reasoning: They badly need a cornerback or safety and this guy is the best option

25. Baltimore Ravens select WR Demaryius Thomas of Georgia Tech

Team Needs: WR, CB

Consensus: Thomas by King, and the Blood Brothers

Dissenting Opinion: WF thinks theyll get Jared Odrick, which I don't get

Reasoning: They've needed a wideout forever and this year Thomas should provide potential

26. Arizona Cardinals select OLB Sean Weatherspoon of Missouri

Team Needs:OLB, DT, OT

Consensus: Weatherspoon by King, Kiper, and WF

Dissenting Opinion: McShay went with Gresham, which I could see happening, but.....

Reasoning: Well, they need a linebacker, any type.... I would love it if I am wrong here.....

27. Dallas Cowboys select S Taylor Mays of USC

Team Needs: S, OT, K

Consensus: Mays chosen by King and McShay

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper thinks they'll choose Charles Brown, but the other mocks have him gone at this point, and WF thinks they'll go Mike Iupati, who is long gone in other mocks

Reasoning: They need safety help as Ken Hamlin has repeatedly failed last season

28. San Diego Chargers select NT Terrence Cody of Alabama

Team Needs: DT, LB, RB

Consensus: Terrence Cody by WF and McShay

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper goes with Matthews, and King goes with Jared Odrick

Reasoning: Cody is a better fit for their defense than Odrick, who despite being a better defensive tackle, probably wouldn't be as good a NT

29. New York Jets select Jared Odrick of Penn State

Team Needs: DL, OL, WR

Consensus: None... four different selections here

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper has them getting Everson Griffen, King has them getting Jahvid Best, and WF has them getting Kareem Jackson... McShay agrees with me

Reasoning: Well, they need depth at defensive line as they are aging there

30. The Minnesota Vikings select CB Devin McCourty of Rutgers

Team Needs: QB, CB

Consensus: None at all.. absolutely no correlation

Dissenting Opinion: King goes with Tim Tebow.... allow me to shoot myself now..... Kiper goes with Taylor Mays, McShay has McCourty falling here like me.... and prepare yourself

WF has Jimmy Clausen here..... this just isn't going to happen.... 

Reasoning: They need a quarterback as long as Favre isn't on that team, but cornerback is #2 on that list 

31. Indianapolis Colts select OT Roger Saffold of Indiana

Team Needs:  OL, DE

Consensus: Saffold by King and WF

Dissenting Opinion: McShay goes with Jerry Hughes and Kiper goes with Odrick

Reasoning: Easy, the Colts have lacked athletic, physical presence at LT and Saffold represents the potential of that 

32. New Orlean Saints select Jerry Hughes of TCU

Team Needs: DL, CB, LB depth

Consensus: None... although three of four had linebacker

Dissenting Opinion: Kiper went with Huges, McShay with Weatherspoon, who I just don't see falling this far, and King has McCourty..... WF with another head-scratcher having Sergio Kindle fall all the way to 32

33. St. Louis Rams select TE Jermaine Gresham

Team Needs: Everything 

Reason: If he falls this far, the Rams would be smart to nab him.  I was suprised when all was said and done, and I had every single option that I originally wanted the Rams to do... except Weatherspoon who is unrealistic

Wow, a lot of picks here.  Vote whether you'd be happy or not from this draft.

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