How the Rams will win the NFC West by 2011.

Alright, this is mostly about the current draft situation and it is highly reliant on the Redskins throwing picks at us in desperation to get Bradford.

I'd also like to start off by saying I want Bradford, but if we get the kind of deal I want we can't/shouldn't pass it up.  I'm thinking the Redskins are looking to set us up with talent for the next 5-10 years so they can have Bradford.   Here is the deal I want:

Rams 2010 first round pick (1) to Redkins

Redskins 2010 first round pick (4) to Rams

Redskins 2010 second round pick (37) to Rams

Redskins 2011 first round pick

That is probably the minimum I would accept.  If it is possible I would try for a second next year as well although I think I'd let them off with just these picks.  If they aren't willing to give us that than we just simply stop the negotiations and take Bradford and they miss out.  No harm done.  We get the franchise QB we want and they miss out on him.  This should work largely in our favor of getting this deal about 10 minutes after the draft starts and we actually take Bradford.  They might meet our demands then.  But according to this report, the Skins won't mind giving us that.

I think I'd be fine with giving up Bradford for this, which could makes us a contender by 2011 and set us nicely for 2012 and beyond.  Here's how I would use the picks in the first and second rounds in 2010 and 2011.

2010- Rd. 1 Pick 4-  Gerald McCoy-  I think the Lions may go O-line with the pick so that leaves us with either Suh or McCoy depending on who Tampa wants and I'm thinking they want Suh.

2010- Rd. 2 Pick 1-  This is a tough one and is largely dependent on who is left.  It is awfully tempting to build a monster D with these years draft having 4 picks in the first 65 which are stacked with defense.  There's so much D we could take and make a monster D.  Weatherspoon would be my first choice if he's left.  Two guys on offense I would love are Ryan Mathews from Fresno or Jermaine Gresham from Oklahoma.

2010- Rd. 2 Pick 5-  Pretty much the same as pick 1 in the second round.  We could go all defense in this draft because my plan for 2011 will help us greatly.  Although Colt McCoy could be an option if we really like with either of the second round picks.

2011 first rounder 1- QB-  There's some options here, including Jake Locker.  If Terelle Pryor has a great year in 2010 I'd love to have him.  I think we should take QB with the earlier of the two picks.  Here is a slideshow of next years QB class.

2011 first rounder 2- WR- This is my favorite part.  There are four legitimate number 1 receiver prospects in the class.  And I'd love to have all four of them but would settle for any one of them. Julio Jones, AJ Green, Michael Floyd, and Jonathan Baldwin.  All at least 6'3'' and all can run and catch.  That's all you need to know.  Floyd is a beast athlete.  None of them have really put up eyepopping numbers through the first two years of their careers, but they are all legitimate prospects and if one of them under performs they could be had later which may not be a bad thing.

2011 second rounder- A valuable player.  I have no idea what we'll do here but whatever we do it should be a valuable player.


So for 2011 we have:

-  A franchise QB

-  A #1 WR

-  A stud DT

These are our biggest needs right now and we'll have them fixed by 2011 with this scenario before we even get into our  3 second rounders, at least two of which are very high.  And add to that a good free agent signing or two (with a cap again I hope) and we will be back in business.

I love Bradford, but I don't think we can give up all of that just to get him.

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