Round 2

There are a lot prospects I like in this draft.  There's not a whole lot of debate on who we are going to take in round 1 anymore so lets look at some of the options for the following rounds.  I'm assuming we drafted Bradford when naming all the possibilities.  Trading the number 2 pick is a strong possibility but I'll also assume that we keep #33.

Round 2

Jahvid Best HB-

He is one of my top 2 options.  He is a great running back with great vision and great speed.  He has decent size and would be a great complement to Steven Jackson.  I'd also like Ryan Mathews here but I think he'll be taken by either the Texans or Chargers.  If he falls to the second round, which I think he might, it would be tough to pass on him, unless this guy is here:


Jermaine Gresham TE-

He the other one of my top 2 options.  He is the best tight end in the draft and can be the receiving threat we need at tight end.  If we draft Bradford, he would be tough to pass on, and I can even see us trading up to get him since they are both from Oklahoma and have worked together the past few years.  I think he would be near impossible to pass on if he's there.  Rob Gronkowski another possible option at TE, but he has injury concerns and I think we'll find someone we like more at this pick.


Arrelious Benn WR-

This is probably my least favorite choice.  I don't think we need a WR in this draft anywhere.  Next year is loaded with the type of big number 1 receivers we need.  But he is still an option if we want a receiving threat for Bradford.  He is probably the best receiver, maybe 2nd best after Dez Bryant.  He is the best that fits the prototype of a number 1 receiver, although I'd prefer he be a little taller.  He led all receivers at the combine in bench press reps and ran a 4.4 at his pro-day (4.48 at the combine)  Brandon Lafell could also be an option here but i doubt he is the pick.


Terrence Cody DT-

Most people know about Mt. Cody.  He has lost some weight but is still strictly a nose tackle.  He is not very versatile and is likely a 2 down player.  I think I heard reports that we were interested in him months ago.  I'm not sure if that was true or if they are still interested,but he could a presence in the middle of the line and could help clog the run game and collapse the pocket in the passing game.  He is another guy who may be drafted in the first but I can see him falling to us.  Brian Price may also be available.

Everson Griffen DE- 

A lot of people seem to like him.  I'm not sure I do because he doesn't always work hard.  He's had 16 sacks in the last 3 years and he has good size and speed for the position.  It all depends on what Spags thinks of him.  He definitely plays a position of need and if Spags like him, that's enough for me to think he can be a good player.

Carlos Dunlap DE-

A guy who has first round talent, but immaturity and character issues have possibly pushed him out of the second round.  If Spags thinks he can whip him into shape, I'd love to have him and think he could be a steal here.  He has great size and speed and has had 9 sacks in each of the last two years.  He can play anywhere on the line and I think Spags would love that about him.  It all depends on if he falls. 

Daryl Washington OLB-

I don't think Weatherspoon will be available at this point.  Washington is considered the second best OLB at this point.  I think we are more likely to go D-line or offense before we go to OLB.  I think Spags is fine with the linebackers for this season, but we could definitely use an improvement.  Washington has good size a 6-2 230lbs and is pretty fast and can cover from sideline to sideline.   Could be a good option here.


There's a lot of options here, I'm just not sure we'll go CB here but the options are there.  Kyle Wilson could be the best option if he is there.  The Rams are scheduled to visit with Wilson this week.  There's also Devin McCourty, Kareem Jackson, and Chris Cook.  I like all of these guys and wouldn't mind if we picked them, but I don't think we will.

Maurkice Pouncey G/C-

I think we could use him as guard.  He may not fall out of the first round but he is a talented and experienced O-lineman.  He was primarily a center in college but he did play both and is very experienced and very good with run blocking. 

This is largely dependent on who falls out of the first round.  A lot of these guys will but some of them want.  We'll see what happens.


I was originally going to put all of my favorite later round picks in rounds 2-4, but there were a lot more in round 2, so I'll make it at least a 2-parter.

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