a Rams Mock for thought

-I've been watching some videos on a couple guys, assessing team needs, and just felt like being productive afterwards.  I give you some of my thoughts on the guys and I wish I'd have added some OL/CB's but I couldn't think of a place where I could grab someone valuable.  I tried to stay pretty conservative on most of the picks (wanted to write in Gresham at 2) and overall I like the result.  So here we go:

Round 1

1.Sam Bradford QB(Oklahoma)

There is enough conversation over this pick already. For me: we need a QB - this guy fits the bill.

Round 2

33. Brandon Lafell WR (LSU)

Lafell is a big body with tons of game experience under his belt.  He is a strong reciever who has good body positioning/control, and could be a potential pro bowler in the future.  I see more upside than Tate, and less downside than Benn.  A sure handed red zone threat for Bradford will be crucial if SJax has problems near the goal line.

Round 3

65. Navorro Bowman OLB(Penn State)

Probably my favorite pick.  He just looks very good in all aspects of his game.  His game speed is on par with most, he can bring the pain, his tackling is consistent, he reads well and takes good angles.  I'm glad he ran a slow 40, might push him down a few spots for us.  He has that playmaking look to his game and if there is one guy I hope we leave this draft with, it's him.

Round 4

99. Daniel Te'o Nesheim DE (U of Washington)

A workhorse who could be great.  He's average in quickness but he penetrates well through power moves and instincts.  Just strong enough to play the run but could definitely add some strength and bulk.  A high intensity guy that can get to the QB and pump up a crowd? Yes please.

Round 5

132. CJ Wilson DE (ECU)

Defensive end with the size to bounce around in Spags scheme.  Reminds me of James Hall but looks better at getting to the QB and worse at stopping the run.  I like him as an eventual every down contributor for when Little/Hall retire.  Hopefully Wilson or Te'o could be solid DE's by that time.

163. Scott Sicko TE (New Hampshire)

Saw that the Patriots were checking him out, so it's probably a good idea to grab him.  A little light for blocking but he has speed and quickness to threaten in the passing game.  Playing in a lower level of competition worries me but it's the 5th round, the guys name is Sicko, and we could use some playmaking ability at TE.

Round 6

170. Vince Oghobasse DT (Duke)

He's another nomad type of guy.  Vince is athletic enough to penetrate and big enough to hold gaps. Some much needed Dline talent and maybe a cap on a now solid Dline group.

Round 7

208. Charles Scott RB (LSU)

A smashmouth runner to hurt opposing D's when SJax is tired.  Could provide much needed help at the goal line and also has FB/RB hybrid potential.

226. Antonio Coleman OLB (Auburn)

Vobora is solid now, but I would rather have someone else handling that spot.  A big guy who can play the run and blitz effectively but pass coverage could be a problem.  Maybe a project but I see considerable upside because of his power and athleticism.

254. Cody Grimm S (Virginia Tech)

A safety with football smarts.  Tackles well, works hard, tough enough (played LB in college), and gives us some depth.  He doesn't bring the pain or make many big plays but some safety depth would be nice.  Also a Virginia Tech product.

-Just getting some interesting prospects out there for you to salivate over the next month (make sure you keep up on your fluids).  Can't wait till the Draft Days, and the new OT rule sucks. Hail Spags!!

Placement/analysis of prospects primarily from:
Walterfootball, CBS sports, Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports

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