Scenarios where we should consider drafting a QB!

Ok, I've said it before so I will be clear- I don't think we should draft a QB with the #1 overall pick in the draft.  First, the amount of money that the position demands (guarenteed money) is astronomical considering the kid has never played a down.  In addition to that there are the concerns that Bradfords' shoulder may look good, but will still be a liability.  The other QB Clausen, I don't want to get into that too much, but I don't think the Rams should draft him.  However, I want to look at a situation where I think most, myself included would be comfortable at drafting a QB.  I have been thinking about this quite a bit since 3k put up his mock.  I don't think Detroit is going to give up their 2nd rounder to move up one spot.  I think they will be alright with either DT.  Next in line is more of a realistic situation.  Tampa Bay has the 3rd overall and the 36th and 43rd pick in the draft.  That's two 2nd rounders.  In the situation that Tampa decides Suh is that good looking and that he could make that big of a difference on their defense, that they are willing to part with an early round pick to move up for him.  Having those two 2nd rounders makes this very possible for them.  I really don't think that they will want to trade spots and give up a 2nd, so this is what I see as being the possibility:

Rams trade #1 and late 5th round or 6th round pick to Tampa Bay for the #3 pick and either the 36th or 43rd pick in the draft.

With that said, Suh most likely goes 1st, McCoy goes 2nd to Detroit, and at 3 the Rams Draft QB BRADFORD.  Now options open up:

1) Keep the QB of our future, and cross our fingers that shoulder can hold up while adding an early 2nd round pick. or 

2) Watch Washington salivate and decide how much they would give up to have Bradford.  All assuming that Clausen just doesn't do it for Shanahan.  

Either way we move down, save money on that 1st round draft pick, add some more early round picks to help fill holes with young talent, and possibly end up with our QB of the future.  With that said lets look at some 3 round scenarios:

1st pick 3rd overall- Sam Bradford QB

2nd pick 33rd overall- Jahvid Best RB (I must note that this is assuming that Iupati will not be around)

3rd pick 36th overall-Brandon Spikes LB (teams would be dumb to pass on him, but this talk about his speed and eye gouging has him moving down boards)

4th pick 65th overall- George Selvie DE or Arthur Jones DT

Second Scenario(trade with TB for 3 and 43) then trade with Washington.

1st pick 4th overall- (I want to say Eric Berry, because of his versatility and aggresive ball hawking ability.  Coach Kiffin did say that he could have been an All-American shut down corner if he wanted to), but there is also a guy like OT Russell Okung (which takes care of the O-line for the future and is a nice insurance poilcy should Smith continue with head problems or if the team decides they really want to part with league leading penalty getter Alex Barron)

2nd pick 33rd overall- Jahvid Best RB

3rd pick 37th overall- Brandon Spikes LB (thanks Washington)

4th pick 43rd overall- maybe one of those TE in Gresham or Hernandez if they can make it, otherwise I will be looking at DE like Everson Griffen or George Selvie.

5th pick 65th overall- I take interior lineman here, whether it be OG Asomoah or OG/C Pouncey, or the Defensive side in DT Arthur Jones.

Disclaimer:  I have no problem taking Suh, and think it would be a good pick should we stay where we are.  However, I want value out of our picks more so than I want needs to be reached for.  

What do you guys think? If the price is right, would you be willing to pass on Suh?

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