All I Can Say to Mr. Mayock is...

…if this Front Office is going to make “sexy” picks because they’re concerned about job security, then they’ll get fired soon anyway as we continue to lose games. If they feel that Bradford is truly the best player for the Rams going forward as far as WINNING GAMES, then by all means draft him and I will be the first to welcome the guy to my team and wish for the best.

I’d disagree, but that’s just from an outsider’s perspective. It’s simply based on what tape I’ve seen of each of them. I can honestly say I caught at least 6 of Suh’s games last year, including the demolition of one of the eventual National Championship contenders. I caught the latter part of Bradford’s 08 season, and unfortunately caught the injury plagued times of his 09 season.

Suh’s team went 10-4 with a dominant defense and downright awful offense. They demolished Arizona in their bowl game, blanking them in a 33-0 destruction. They held a Texas team that averaged (gulp) 43 POINTS to a pathetic 13 in the game before their NC Trip. To me, that kind of defense can give your team a chance every game.

Am I saying Suh will make us that kind of defense? No. Not immediately and not by himself entirely, but he can someday. We have the Mike Backer. We have a pretty decent secondary. We have a young, up and coming Defensive End. We have a solid NT. I just think we’re closer on Defense than we are on Offense, and that’s why I feel Suh should be the pick.

It’s not like we won’t add offense. Receiver/TE is a huge possibility in Rds 2-4. Whatever rookie QB we pick next year will come in with so much more to work with. He’s out there. He’s working. It’s not the NFL, but he’s playing college ball getting ready for it. He’ll have a better chance if he’s got a defense to back him up next year, a more cohesive offensive line, and a couple more pieces on offense that will be a year old. That sounds like a blueprint to me.

As far as media pressure picking up, Mayock may have been the first shot. But McShay/Kiper remain on the Suh side, and for most people, they’re the most visible “traditional” draft media. What does it matter though? The fan base won’t respond to pundits in April. They’ll respond to wins/losses in September-December. If we actually believe we’ll have many wins this year anyway, we’re lying to ourselves. I’m optimistic as any fan, but the roster isn’t going to be completely replenished in one draft and one no-cap crippled FA season.

Media pressure? Honestly, F that. We’re where we’re at because the previous regime caved under that kind of pressure. The Rams should only pick a QB if that’s who they TRULY believe, and I need to give added emphasis to the word THEY (The Rams, not WalterFootball), will help them win games. From a fan’s perspective, watching Bradford’s Heisman season and Suh’s Heisman season this year (yeah, I said it), I believe it should be Suh we take. He was more dominant to me, at a position I see as a bigger need.

WK 1: Julius Jones 117
WK 2: Portis/Campbell 107
WK 3: Grant 99
WK 4: Coffee? 74
WK 5: Peterson/Taylor 89, 3 TDs

It gets REALLY ugly here, stay with me:

WK 6: Jones-Drew 133, 3 TDs
WK 7: Addai/Brown (rookie) 122
WK 8: Morris/Smith 105
WK 10: Bush/Meachem 124
WK 11: (Gulp) Hightower/Wells (rookie) 184
WK 12: Forsett (who?) 130!
WK 13: Forte/Bell 126
WK 14: Johnson/Young 161 3 TDs

Wk 15: Moats/Foster 53 (Yay!!!)

“Finishing Strong
Wk 16: Wells/Hightower 100
WK 17: Gore/Coffee 119

I’m sorry, but if you ask me, that’s much more pathetic to me than Marc Bulger’s 70.7 QB Rating (better than Dear Sanchez and Dear Stafford by the way) with CFL WRs (because of injuries to L-Rob, Burton/Avery, and the late arrival of Amendola/Gibby).

You can’t pin point scoring on the QB alone, so I judge the guy by the rating, specifically whether or not he turns the ball over. Look at Sanchez! Postseason AFC Title Game in his first year while he lead the 20th ranked passing attack and held the 28th worst QB rating. Stafford? To me a better QB, with an All-Pro Wide Receiver, with the 29th worst passer rating and an early exit 10 game season, with 2 Ws. “Sanchise” had a defense and an elite O-line. We’re closer to having a defense than the pieces on offense in my estimation, so back to the original point:

BUILD WHAT YOU’RE CLOSER TO. Dominance on one side of the ball can give you a chance all season. Suh can be the missing piece IMO. If you don’t think those rushing stats eat away at a Defensive Coach like Spags, then I don’t know what to tell you.

On D, stopping the run is a pride thing. Spags’ pride must have been hurt A LOT last year. A player like Suh, who specializes in run stuffing, can help that sooner than a QB can help our O without the right people. Those right people, to me, are coming, so that QB can wait IMO. If Spags’ n co. see the right guy now, pull the trigger. But it HAS to be because THEY want to, not because NFL Network thinks it’s sexier. I wouldn’t want those clowns to be there if all they’re worried about is job security. Their job is to WIN.

Do that, and everyone will STFU. Fast.

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