A scout's perspective

A good read from a former scout, Daniel Jeremiah.  He breaks down several questions, especially ones that have been flying all over the place on this site.  When discussing the best overall player in the draft, check out what he has to say about Mr. Suh:

I think he can play anywhere. That’s what I like so much about him. He could play inside at nose, he could be a 3-technique, he could play end if you needed him too. If you wanted to get real big on first down, you could line him up at end and have a monster end. I think his versatility fits into any defense.

Where does he rank the big guy:

He’s the best interior defensive lineman I have graded in six years. Last year, I was in Cleveland and we were going to have a top five pick and I went all over the country to do all the top players and he was my top player assuming he would have came out last year. He was my top player in last year’s draft.

What do you hve to say about Sam Bradford?

The only thing that would deter me from (Suh) that is if Sam Bradford checked out 100 percent healthy and your doctors were OK with durability concerns and you feel like he fits perfectly with what you do. Because if you don’t have a quarterback, that has to weigh into it. But that’s the only other option.

 I liked Bradford because of the accuracy. In terms of where he would have gone with those other guys, I think he would very much have been in the discussion with Stafford and Sanchez and been a for sure top 10 pick and maybe threatened to be the first pick.

How about Mr. Clausen?

I need to do more (tape watching) on him. I’ve seen like two games. I need to see more. I need to watch some more tape on him. The problem I have on him is that his completion percentage is really high so a lot of times people confuse that with accuracy. But a lot of times, his ball placement was off, he puts the ball on the wrong shoulder. His footwork, he needs to clean that up, definitely.

I always love to read what scouts have to say.  They rarely have an agenda and can be straight when giving an assessment of a prospect.  Not to mention, they see things that the average Joe just doesn't think to look for.  They look beyond the numbers!  Here you go if you wanna read on for yourself:

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