Happy retirement Leonard Little

Well, the guy who was the last remaining player on the Rams from the Greatest Turf Show has officially retired from the NFl after 12 seasons. Little was drafted in the 3rd round in the 1998 draft, and remained a St. Louis Ram until last season. During that time, Little had his ups and his downs. 


Little's ups have been pretty good:

1) Little in his 12 years had 87.5 sacks.

2) Little is the all-time leader in sacks in Rams' history. (excluding Deacon Jones, Merlin Olsen, etc.)

3) Little had 14.5 sacks in only 13 games in 2001.

4) Little was in the game when Mike Jones made "The Tackle."

5) Little is a Super Bowl champion.

6) Little, along with Marc Bulger made it through the transition of ownership and coaches.

7) Little is the 39th all-time leading sack leader in NFL history. (Just in front of Howie Long- father of Chris)

8) Little had 33 career forced fumbles.

9) Little helped Chris Long to become the pass rusher he is now.

10) Little lead the Rams in sacks in 6 seasons.


Little's downs

1) His DWI in 1998 killing Susan Gutweiler in St. Louis.

2) His harrassing calls in 2003 made to his ex-girlfriend.

3) His 2nd DWI in 2004.

4) Lack of finishing seasons. (Only 3 complete seasons in 12 seasons)




Leonard Little has played his heart out, and was dedicated to his team from Day 1. From 3rd round pick, to all-time leading sacks leader.

Little didn't have to come back to the team in 2009, but he did after Spags begged him to help out. Little returned to the Rams and finished with 6.5 sacks in only 13 games. Little played his heart out in his final season as a St. Louis Ram.


Little's single greatest highlight in his career was last season in Week 6 when the Rams were trailing 13-10 with 4:45 left in the game and Little intercepted David Garrard on a screen pass and ran the fastest he had run in a long time for a touchdown. Little's interception was one of the two highlights of the dismal 2009 season (the other being Steven Jackson's TD run against Detroit). 


Leonard Little deserves much, as he stuck it out. Little belongs with the class of Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Orlando Pace. After Kevin Carter left, Little was the guy. I hope he, along with the other mentioned names have their number's retired or their names be in the ring of fame.


So enjoy retirement Leonard Little, you totally deserve it.

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